Lunch at Vikings Luxury International Buffet MOA

This is a very late post; more than three months late, I think. We went to Vikings near the Mall of Asia upon the insistence of our two little gluttoners. It's our third or fourth time to visit the international buffet. Actually, our sons treated us. Why? How do I say it? Uhm, because they have more money than we do. Plus the fact that my husband and I were hungry and our kids insisted.

There's a Vikings branch at SM North EDSA and SM Marikina, but we prefer their branch at MOA because of the view. A good view makes the dining experience extra pleasurable, don't you think?

No matter how much of a glutton we are, we never do buffet at night. We always go during lunch time so that we'd have ample time to burn off the gazillion calories before we hit the sack.

We went there on a Sunday, so we kinda expected the heavy influx of people. I suggest that you go there ten minutes before they open. That way, you won't have to wait long to score a table. Customers try to get their money's worth {naturally} by staying until closing time. They close at around 2:30 pm for lunch. You're gonna have a hard time getting a table if you go there, say, 1 pm. Also, if you come in early, you can get a table by the window which is the best seat in the house!

I don't know why the place is named Vikings. The place has no obvious insinuation to the Scandinavian pirates except for the horned helmet decor on the buffet table and the logo. It's probably because of the way Vikings ate. They were known voracious eaters, but they munched on mostly healthy stuff. The famous Nordic Diet was patterned from the Vikings' own diet.

I did quick snapshots of the different dishes because I was already starving! The place is behemoth! There's so much food that a mere glance can make you feel so full already. We usually get one from each dish just to taste. We get more of the ones we really like after. I had a hard time doing this technique at Vikings. There's just too much food that having just one of each will make my stomach explode...literally!
Here are a few of what you'll see at Vikings:

Sushi and Sashimi

Amongst all the international {non-hotel} buffets we've tried, Vikings' sushi and sashimi's the best! They have a huge selection and they're all so fresh and delicious! 

Do try Vikings' Sisig Makimono! It's really good! It's one of the trays at the sushi bar that gets emptied really fast. Do get three at a time if you can.


I didn't get to try the cream based soup during this visit. My boys did though. They said that it's good. I couldn't get them to say the specifics of just how "good" it was. That's all they had for me.

Another thing that I like about Vikings is the fact that they make a little more extra effort in terms of presentation. Take the Miso Soup's container for instance. It looks nice, right? Nicer than most, at least. I was feeling a bit under the weather that day so I went for the Miso soup instead. It's light, delicious, and very comforting. Just what I needed!


Don't let these photos fool you 'cause Vikings' salad collection's vast! I was only able to try a few. I liked the Pomelo Salad a lot. The pomelo was really fresh, sweet, and juicy. It didn't have that dried out bits that ruins the whole salad no matter how good the dressing is.

I forgot to ask what type of caviar these were, but I'm guessing they were Lumpfish. There's a plate of belini and some crème fraîche beside these.

I don't know about you, but I've never really liked the taste of caviar. Someone told me that I haven't tried the good kind of caviar yet. I've tried three kinds and didn't like them all. I have yet to try a really good one. I had my first taste of caviar when I was about 11 or 12 years old. My mom made me eat some. I was horrified! My palate's just not "classy".


The hakaw and siomai were among the best at the dumplings station.


This is just one station where viands are located. There's another station opposite this one and another one at the center of the buffet area. Food overdose!!!

I wasn't able to take photos of each and every dish at Vikings because I was too lazy......and hungry. Plus, they were just too many!

Grilled Meats

Carving Station

Most of the buffets we've tried have carving stations that were blah and very blah. The meat's either overcooked, gristly, or tough as stone. 

We've been to Vikings Buffet several times already and the quality of the steaks remains the same. It gooood! I prefer to put both the red wine sauce and truffle sauce on my steak. More of the former than the latter. I like it like that! Try it! 

Fresh Seafood

They also have fresh seafood that you can have grilled according to your specifications. This is our uncle's favorite station. He likes to have squids and boneless fishes grilled as his pulutan. He's never gonna admit this, but, the unlimited beer is the main reason why he goes to Vikings. *coughs* Alcoholic!


Another favorite! I love taho!!! Vikings' silken tofu's really fresh. It doesn't have that brownish, lumpy parts {overcooked?} that we sometimes see. I like that the syrup's not too sweet. I always ask the taho man for extra, extra, extra sago. Taho is so much better when there's lots of sago in it, don't you think? 

Bibingka and Puto Bungbong

We like the puto bungbong better than the bibingka. My husband doesn't agree with me on this one, so I told him to "start your own blog!" It's that simple.


I wasn't able to try all the sweet treats because there is such a thing called diabetes. Those that I did try were all delicious though. Their desserts are definitely much better than Buffet 101's.


They have a really good beverage selection. Vikings' Batangas hot chocolate is a must-try! 

You have to fork out a little for the wines. They're not part of the buffet price. 

Vikings Luxury International Buffet MOA is far away from our abode, but we still brave the traffic and go once in awhile because it's worth it. It's actually the nearest branch to where we live. 

I hope that the quality of their food will not die down. It's a great place to treat balikbayans or to celebrate your birthday. The last time I checked, you still get a free lunch or dinner during your birthday.

The service is good. They were very attentive and courteous.

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Vikings Luxury International Buffet MOA
Bldg B, By The Bay, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall of Asia Complex, 
1234 Pasay City, Philippines
Tel. Nos.: 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888
Operating Hours: Mon. - Sun.: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm {Lunch} 
                                                      5:30 pm - 10:30 pm {Dinner}

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