Bringing Chivalry Back

Warning: This is a vent blog. Proceed at your own risk.

Call me old fashion, an old fart or whatever, but I believe in chivalry. That code of conduct should always be kept in fashion at all costs!

What's eating you up? Here it is: I was trying to reach a couple of Arizona Green Tea on the top shelf of my favorite grocery. One of the cans fell. I was waiting for the guy beside me to pick it up and hand it to me. Nada.

He played dumb and slowly walked away. 

After dinner, I told my two boys the story and followed it with a looooooong discussion about being a gentleman. I think I bore them out of their wits by talking about this topic every so often, but the need for this supersedes sex talk for me.

Contrary to what many say, the "chivalry talk" should come from moms, not dads. Here's why: women know how they want to be treated by men. Nothing follows. That's already a concrete reason.

I started the talk when my eldest was nearing two, I think. I didn't expect him to understand any of it given his immature brain; but when he was seven, something happened.

I got a call one day. The woman on the other line asked: "May I speak with Mrs. Domesticated Goddess {my blog, my prerogative for choosing an anonym}?"

Me: "Yes, this is she." Right after I said it, the woman cried. I was ready to hang up and call the police station thinking that it's one of those scams where they tell you that there's an accident and that they need some money.

Woman: "I'm Mrs. M, J-Girl's mom. I don't know how you and your husband raise J6, but I just want to thank you and let you know that you're doing a good job."

I was baffled, but in a bliss. That's clearly a great compliment, so I egged her on. "Why, what did he do?"

Mrs. M's daughter was {she got transferred to a different section last year} my son's classmate. She has a congenital condition similar to {if not} Morquio's Syndrome. I never asked her mom what her exact condition is. She's an only child, very smart, sweet and pretty. Her parents can no longer have kids.

Mrs. M: "Do you know that your son waits for my daughter at the main gate every single day so that he could help him bring her things up to the classroom? Other kids stare at her and smile because of the way she looks. You're son treats her like a princess and he's only seven."

I was crying while she was speaking.

My son reads my blog. My kids and my husband are my only subscribers, actually. I forced them to.  Anyway, kiddo, I want you to know that this is 99% you. 

Whenever someone would tell me: "Have more kids. They will take care of you when you're old." Right, because that's really the reason why I became a mom. I really want someone to wipe my fanny when I'm old and unable.

I'm not breeding caregivers here. I'm trying hard to raise gentlemen. 

One of my biggest fears is when my future daughter-in-law knocks on our door and says, "Here's your a-hole of a son. I'm giving him back to you. By the way, congratulations in raising him."

Can I bitch slap her with a frozen fish? No, because I'm at fault and you can get sent to jail for that.

I always tell them to treat women right......regardless {floozy or otherwise}. 

It's always quality over quantity. I'd be happy to have two kids with great character than a dozen with bad hearts. My kids are my contribution to the world. I treat them as such. If can give the world great ones, then I guess, it's better than conserving water, right?

My boys are not saintly. They're a work in progress. We're doing our best to make them above average {character-wise} or die trying.

So, what do you say moms? Are you with me on this? Do you solemnly swear to raise gentlemen?

P.S. The photo is not about being a gentleman. That's slavery. Big diff. It's pretty cute though, don't you think?

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