100 years of Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

The word Titanic means having a great magnitude, force, or power. And for a brief moment, the ship really was. 

Great fascination has been placed by many for a century now over the once called "unsinkable" ship. I, for one, is very guilty of this. 

Now, imagine my excitement when I learned about the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition - currently running at the San Diego Natural History Museum at Balboa Park until September 9, 2012 - from my dear cousin in San Diego. I was beyond ecstatic! It would be a rare opportunity and a fulfillment of my (and my kids) Titanic dream (metaphorically speaking)! I want!!! But, as fate and economics would have it, I don't see that happening soon. *stomps feet* My cousin went to see the exhibit though, and told me what she saw as I enviously listened.

The exhibition features room re-creations such as the first and third class cabins and some 200 different artifacts gathered from the wreckage site itself that includes chinawares, spoons, jars, cups, toothpaste caps, and pens. 

Of course, no Titanic exhibit would be complete without a replica of the famous Grand Staircase where Jack stood as he waited for Rose to arrive in that James Cameron gazillion-dollar blockbuster hit. There's even a big chunk of an iceberg replica where the visitors can touch.

Below are some of the pictures taken from the exhibition. 

First class cabin (recreation as seen in Titanic the Artifact Exhibition)

Third class cabin (recreation as seen in Titanic the Artifact Exhibition)

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit

jd_grand_stair_dome.jpg (217890 bytes)

The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is an "Educational, emotional, and appropriate for all ages" experience as stated on the San Diego Natural History Museum website. Visitors will have the chance to learn about the different stories of the passengers through the artifacts presented. They can also get a great peek at how grandiose, lavish, and masterfully done the interiors of the Titanic were. 

This exhibition is not exclusive to the city of San Diego. There are also exhibitions of the same kind in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando, Kansas City, Detroit, Houston, and Singapore. 

This is a rare opportunity to walk-through parts of one of the most magnificent ships in history, learn about this great maritime disaster, and pay tribute to all those who have perished.     

More information on The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition such as ticket prices and hours of operation can be found at these following websites:

www.sdnhm.org - San Diego
www.luxor.com - Las Vegas
titanic.unionstation.org - Kansas City
www.hmns.org - Houston
titanic.sg - Singapore

Feel free to contact me regarding posting of pictures and articles about your visit to The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in this blog site. I would definitely love to feature your experiences in these exhibits. Thank you! 

DISCLAIMER: All photos are grabbed from www.balboapark.org and www.sandiego.com and all the other websites posted above. I wish there were taken by me though. *sigh* Credit is given to the photographers of the said websites. Oh and also, I am not in any way associated with the management of the exhibition or paid to blog about it. Thank you! 


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