The Swirling Goodness of Pinkberry Manila

I am melting as I type these words. It's 35degC here in Manila but feels like 40degC! Add 3 degrees Celsius more to our current temperature and it's officially a fever!

Must.........*panting**profusely sweating*..........down!

I asked the kids where they want to go to get some frozen treats and they both decided on Pinkberry.   Alright, Pinkberry it is! 

Pinkberry has been a favorite of ours for years. Our trip to the States is never complete without visiting a couple of their shops.

Their "signature tang" hits the taste buds in all the right ways. I like that theirs is not too sour. My husband still thinks that it is too sour, though. Well, he's not fond of frozen yogurts to begin with. He likes things sweet, sweeter, and sweetest! Diabetes alert!

Frozen yogurt is all the rage right now in Manila. There are numerous frozen yogurt shops that have been popping out like mushrooms as of late. Some local and others are foreign franchises. Out of all those, my boys and I believe that Pinkberry is the best!   

Enjoying my Pinkberry
at the Topanga Mall

We have become frequent customers at this Greenbelt 5 branch ever since it opened last December. They give out Pinkberry frequent guest stamp card. You get one stamp each for every purchase of Pinkberry frozen yogurt product of any size. Once you complete all 10 stamps, you'll get one FREE small yogurt with your choice of toppings! We're on our third card already.

Pinkberry Greenbelt 5 store facade

Taste the Pinkberry difference
...and get addicted!

The Tiffany-blue shade painted walls give a feeling of cleanliness and coolness. Perfect for a frozen yogurt place!

Pinkberry Greenbelt 5  store interior

Subtle and soothing interiors. I particularly like those Poul Christiansen-wave-design-pendant like lights. Phew! That was a mouthful! Again, with feelings, please...Poul Christiansen-wave-design-pendant-like lights.

Pinkberry Greenbelt 5  store interior

Choices of fresh fruit toppings abound! You have to pay extra if you opt for the raspberries and blueberries.

Pinkberry fruit toppings

Dry toppings galore! From nuts to candies! Those inverted bottles above the dry toppings are the different syrups. Personal favorites are honey and caramel! *slurp*

Pinkberry dry toppings

They currently have 6 flavors to choose from. J6 is always torn between pomegranate and watermelon, while J7 sticks to the original.

Pinkberry menu

For those who prefer a cone, they have it too at 3 oz. For the can't-get-enough-of-this-darn-yogurt person like yours truly, they have a 25 oz. take-home container for PhP 515.

Pinkberry container sizes

My pick for the day: Green tea with fresh strawberries, mangoes, and oh-so crunchy-almonds topped with lots of sweet and deliciously rich honey! Perfect!

Green tea frozen yogurt with fruits and honey

Oh, another great plus is the friendly staff. They will patiently answer any question. Their restroom is also very clean and smells good, too. That last one is a personal thing. I have a thing for restrooms. Wait, don't we all?!

This is one delicious way to beat the summer heat! Will go back soon to get more stamps for my 
Pinkberry card! Happy swirling!

Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, 1226 Makati, Philippines 
TWITTER: @PinkberryPH
STORE HOURS: Mon - Thu  11am - 12mn 
                              Fri - Sat   11am - 1am



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