I am a workout virgin. I dread going to the gym because I feel that I would be a total embarrassment to myself as to how my body looks compared to all those gym rats. Their ripped arms, thighs, buttocks, and washboard abs would definitely crush my ego and confidence with every muscle contraction produced. *sigh* Too depressing. So, I decided that working out at home would be a better option.

I saw a tweet about and how it made that person lose weight and achieve a toned body in a few months time. I immediately googled for additional reviews on this online workout program and saw good reviews. Barre3 at home for $15/month? I'm sold! 

Fast forward to being a subscriber for exactly one month today, I decided to blog about the results that I've seen so far because of workouts. There have been goooood changes and I am pleased!

Paired with a good diet program, I lost 8 pounds in one month of continuous mybarre3 workout, 4X per week.  I could feel the strengthening of my target muscles each time I do the workout. My first target areas were my chicken legs. I wanted them to be bigger so I focused on my stilt like legs for 2 weeks by doing the 10 minute leg workouts (interchanging between Leg Shaper with Candace Ofcacek and Leg Shaker with Sadie Lincoln). My legs did get bigger, more muscular, and well-toned! 

The mybarre3 workouts are easy to follow but not easily achievable. The instructions are clear and understandable. I also find the tone of the instructors (Sadie Lincoln, Candice Ofcacek, Lisa Schale-Drake, etc.) voices soothing and goes very well with the pace of the workouts. Those barre3 “earthquakes” (shaking of the muscles) will be a constant occurrence with every workout. You'll feel it more when holding a certain pose. That's the hardest one for me! A real killer! You'll really feel that burn! I try to imitate the poise and grace of a ballet dancer with every move during each mybarre3 workout but my face turns into The Hulk's and I curse like hell inside my mind when it's time to hold a pose. But, with the changes that I've been seeing so far in my body, I can definitely say that the pain is worth the gain! 

My next target areas are my core and back area and those two are what I'm focusing on right now. My core's been floppy for years due to two pregnancies and I also have a lower back problem. I want to strengthen my back muscles to lessen my back pains. Will update about this in a couple of month's time. 

Being vertically challenged, I am excited to achieve that barre3 benefit of being taller as claimed on their website as well. Love-leh!

The only glitch that I have with is that the video keeps on pausing. I view the videos through the latest Adobe Flash Player version and the latest version of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox as suggested on their website but they still pause every couple of minutes.

So far, has been physically creating wonders for me and I plan to continue doing their workouts until I reach my goal of having a body exactly like Alessandra Ambrosio's! Kidding! I need Divine intervention and a whole lotta science for that one.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid post by mybarre3 . I am not affiliated with them in any way. The information stated are based on my experience. Thank you!


  1. Nice! Now I wanna see your legs haha! Do u know if they r working on fixing the pausing problem?


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