Walkway Reflections on the Stations of the Cross at Bonifacio High Street

Today was my first time to visit the Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross at Bonifacio High Street. I am used to this Holy Week tradition having been brought up with this practice since birth. The one at Bonifacio High Street though has a less conventional way and a newer approach which gave me a renewed faith.

The Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross at Bonifacio High Street still has a series of sculptures and pictures that depicts the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ but with a newer twist. There are activities to be done as one goes through each station. These tasks make one reflect on his/her life and creates a deeper understanding of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

The whole stretch of Bonifacio High Street houses the whole exhibit. The amount of time one can finish all of the Stations varies per person. We (J2 & J7) were able to finish ours in about an hour because we took our time with each station to reflect and to take some pictures as well. 

Walkway Reflections of the Cross exhibit
Start of the Walkway. We went during noon
time so there weren't a lot of people around.
Snapshot advantage!
Pebbles inside water gallons
You'll be asked to drop a marble in a gallon
that depicts your highest priority in life.
Unfortunately, they were out of marbles when we went.

Scourging of Christ
Heartbreaking. There is a grisly description in this 5th Station by the Journal of the
American Medical Association of how one would feel while being scourged.
No, you will not be asked to whip yourself. 

Jesus Christ's crown of thorns
Crown of thorns

Large crosses
These were really heavy! I managed to carry one with the help of J2. 

This was my favorite activity. You'll be asked to write on
a piece of paper a personal request, drop the paper in
the jar then pick a different note. Read the other person's
request and be a "Simon" to that person.

Large crucifix

J7 hammering away his little sin to the cross.

Clothesline full of family pictures
I clipped one of my favorite photo's of my family here. I wonder if
I could still get mine back after the exhibit.

J7 entering the tent on the 12th station. 

Piece of white cloth on chair
On the 13 Station, you'll see this. Apparently, a piece
of white cloth during Jesus' time that is left by a carpenter
symbolizes that "the work is finished". 

Thank you notes
Notes of gratitude

Juice and cookies
On the last Station, you'll be given these freebies
which symbolizes bread and wine.  

Walkway Reflections of the Cross poster

The Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross at Bonifacio High Street will run until April 8, 2012. There will be a free Easter Concert on April 8 at 7pm at 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street. 

Kudos to the organizers of this exhibit - Church Simplified and Provill (Production Village), Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation. Brilliant idea! 

It was a really great experience. Not only was the exhibit enlightening, it was very educational as well. You will not only learn about Jesus Christ and his Passion but more so, you'll learn about yourself. Looking forward to more activities and reflections next year!

Visit www.churchsimplified.com for more information on this exhibit.



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