Blast From The Past

I went to my dear Aunt's house a while ago as part of my once in a blue moon visit. While rummaging through her attic for some old albums, I found these...

Argh! The beaten and bruised stereoscopic
held together by tape. Lost one of the achromatic lenses, too!

Films from my 1st birthday party along with a stereoscopic viewer! I've been looking for these for years! I thought they got washed away by the great flood (Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana) back in 2009 along with so many other mementos my Aunt's been protecting like a Fort Knox guard.

I'm not sure if they make these things anymore. Those who played with view-masters back in the '80s can relate to my fascination with stereoscopic viewers. Remember the Mickey Mouse one with Disney cartoon reels? That was my favorite!

I know, right?! *blushing*

Anyhoo, unfortunately, a lot of the films got lost and those that have been saved are partly damaged. I've been trying to call up Bob's Manila but to no avail. I wanna ask them if they could somehow reproduce the damaged films. 

The floods left this one on purpose. Annoying!

That's my 'towerblock' right there.
I miss you Papa! *sniff*

At my maternal grandmother's house

I'm currently looking for a place to have these fixed. Can any of you guys point me in the right direction?



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