Isabel Marant Sneakers

I've always believed that spending more than $100 for a pair of sneakers is an opulence until I chanced upon these beauties...

Punky Brewster-esque

Isabel Marant Sneakers has inner wedge heels. Perfect for the vertically challenged moi!  The price though is not perfect for me. It starts at...wait for it... $700!!! 

Sasha Fierce's choice

Moms who rocked them best!

Victoria Secret Angel slash Momma, Miranda Kerr wearing a pair of Isabel Marant Bekket. Great body, beautiful face, adorable son, and she goes home with Orlando Bloom every night. Bech.

Another VS Angel in a pair of Isabel Marant Sneakers: Alessandra Ambrosio. How she looks that way while pregnant is beyond me. Another bech.

Queen Bey, snuggling Blue Ivy Carter, in black Marants.

Alicia Keys must love IM sneakers a lot because she is often photographed wearing them.  

 Am I willing to sell an organ for these? NO! Of course not! Pffft! Hello?! I'm saving my organ for a different purchase. Kidding!!!

And these are the ones that I like! Come to Mama! 



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