J.Co Donuts & Coffee Manila

WARNING: The things that you will see here are highly addictive. Read at your own risk!

I couldn't help but be enticed by the play of colors when a friend of mine posted a box similar to this one on Instagram.

Different flavors of J.Co donuts in a box

"Where'd you get those?", I asked. "At J.Co's! Oooh, you gotta try them!", she said. I passed by their store once, but being unfamiliar with the brand, I didn't immediately take notice.

Started by Johnny Andrean back in 2005 in Indonesia, J.Co Donuts & Coffee now has over 100 branches all over Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China). They claim to use ingredients of the highest quality for their donuts.

The first branch in the Philippines opened two months (March 2012) ago at SM Megamall The Megastrip B. For those who are not familiar with the place, it's right under the bridgeway that connects buildings B and A. 

J.Co Donuts entrance

You'll immediately be greeted by a sumptuous aroma of freshly cooked donuts once you open the doors. 

The store's interiors are a combination of earth tones. Orange dominates the place naturally since that is the brand's color. The low ceiling and warm lighting makes the place inviting and cozy. 

J.Co Donuts interior

Upon entering, you'll see on an extensive display of different flavors of donuts on your right side. 

J.Co Donuts display counter

Look at all these sugary treats! The glistening glaze tops and chunky toppings were all too hard to resist! I wanted to take a big bite out of every single donut here!

J.Co Donuts display counter

J.Co Donuts display counter

I didn't get the Glazzy flavor (beside the Alcapone pictured above) because I find the taste all too similar to Krispy Kreme's original glazed. I went for the ones with different toppings so that I could well appreciate (and differentiate) the uniqueness of J.Co's.

The sweetness level of J.Co Donuts is just about right for me. My palate is not built for sugary stuff, and that is why I can easily go through months without chocolates, ice creams, cakes, sodas, and donuts. It is not a choice. I was born like this. Up until now, my husband and I are still debating if my being like this is a blessing or a curse. I'm actually gearing towards the latter.    

The donut flavors that we love best from J.Co's are the following:

1. Alcapone - toasted almond slivers on top of cream is just heavenly. Sweetness is very subtle. You'd definitely taste the almonds more than the rest of the ingredients, and I like it like that!

2. Blueberry More - I think I said "oh gawd, this is soooo good" three times before I wolfed down a piece. The soft grated cheese on top mixed with the blueberry glaze is truly delectable. The filling is not at all airy like the whipped cream type and the flavor of the cream cheese pops in every bite. I only bought three of these. Darn it! I should've bought more!  

3. Don Mochino and Coco Loco  - My chocoholic husband's favorite flavors. I haven't tried both, but hubs said they're still not that sweet even with all the melted chocolate on top.

4. Jacky Chunk and Mr. Green Tea - are my eldest's picks. If you have a special affinity for green tea latte's you'll go gaga for Mr. Green Tea.

5. Sugar Ice - is my youngest's choice. He licks the confectioners sugar first before eating the whole thing. 

J.Co Donuts coffee counter

J. Pops are the miniature version of J.Co Donuts.  Great for kids!

Box of J.Pops donuts

Choices for the hot and cold drinks

J.Co hot and cold drinks list

two boxes of J.Co donuts

I bought a hazel nut latte and got a free glazzy donut. I find the hazel nut latte too sweet, but good (moderate aroma and smoothness)!

Glazed donut and coffee

I didn't find their service all too pleasing. The staff were not welcoming and most of them don't even smile. Come to think of it, only one did. I went to the loo - which is nice and clean by the way - along with one of the staff and instead of letting me (the customer) go first, she went inside without a care in the world. The only two people there who I find accommodating were Jaja (it says "frontliner" on her name tag) and the lady guard at the door. The lady guard smiled and said "Good morning and welcome to J.Co Donuts!" when we arrived and bid us goodbye with "thank you Sir, thank you ma'am. Come again soon!". I just find it odd given that one of the the company's mission is "to commit ourselves in giving excellent service sincerely". Uhm, I didn't feel that. But, they're still new so..

Go and discover your own favorites at J.Co Donuts & Coffee! For those who have tried, have become addicted, or going through a withdrawal phase from these amazing treats, please do share your favorites with me!

J.Co Donuts & Coffee Manila:
G/F SM Megamall Megastrip B
8am-10pm (Weekdays) and 8am-12midnight (Weekends)


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