Malcolm's Deli at The Fort

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, but I rarely eat breakfast because I wake up late. I made an extra effort to get up early this morning and head over to Malcolm's Deli to try out their buttermilk pancakes and see what the buzz is all about.

Malcolm's rubber coaster
Malcolm's rubber coaster. Like!

Malcolm's Deli is situated right behind Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria at the ground floor of Fairways Tower. There's an ample amount of  parking space beside it; it's free too! Speaking of free, they also provide free Wi-Fi internet access.

Malcolm's Deli entrance

We're the first customers of the day. The server told us that on a day (Sunday) like this, people usually come in after the 10:30am mass at the nearby Santuario de San Antonio Parish. Great! Photo advantage!

The deli's interiors are casual but not cozy enough due to the amount of natural light coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The windows are equipped with roller blinds so you can ask the servers to roll them down if you're bothered by the light. The place appears well-maintained and clean.

Malcolm's Deli interior

Breakfast Menu

Malcolm's Deli breakfast menu

Now for the main event. Ready? Presenting Malcolm's buttermilk pancakes! *cue screams*

Buttermilk pancakes
PhP 230 - Mini Stack

The pancakes were aesthetically pleasing to begin with, and the smell divine! They were dense but fluffier than most I've tried. The only pancakes here in the Philippines that comes close to Malcolm's in terms of fluffiness and size are those they served at the now defunct 19th Tee at Camp John Hay. The taste doesn't come close though. Malcolm's buttermilk pancakes are simple amazing! 

The maple syrup's not too sweet and the consistency was just right. The pancakes were dusted with lots of confectioner's sugar. I was actually worried that it'll be too sweet when I added the syrup but it turned out great.

It was wise of me to choose the Mini Stack (2 pcs) over the Malcolm's stack (3 pcs) because these flapjacks are huge! The Mini Stack can actually be shared by 2 persons. 

Malcolm's Deli buttermilk pancakes

Hubs chose the Wagyu Marinated Beef Tapa with fried rice and scrambled eggs. The tapa was good but I didn't find anything extraordinary with it. The usual sweet, salty, and a bit sour blend.

Marinated beef tapa
Beef Tapa  PhP 300

The buttermilk pancakes and wagyu tapa comes with a brewed cup of joe. Nothing spectacular about this.

Brewed coffee

This Irish Benedict's delicious! Even the country style potatoes and the leafy greens with raspberry vinaigrette were excellent! I'm excited to try the Malcolm's Benedict next time!

Irish Benedict at Malcolm's Deli
PhP 300

Poached to perfection!

Poached egg

They also have a shelf full of reds and whites.

Wine rack

Oi! Gordon Biersch! I zoned out and remembered the steak frites at Gordon Biersch Restaurant in San Diego when I saw these bottles. 

Gordon Biersch and Wagyu

Special mention to our lady server MJ and the other one whose name escapes me right now. Sorry. Great service guys! Keep up the good work! 

Malcolm's Deli
Address: G/F FairwaysTower, 5th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Landline: 556-3186
BusinessHours: 7am-11pm Monday-Sunday
Facebook: Malcolm's Burger Official
Twitter: @malcolmsburger


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