Start 'Em Young at Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew Workshop

"For the kids to get a feel of working" was our only objective when we enrolled our two boys to the Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew Workshop. They (our boys), on the other hand, were excited to join the program out of curiosity as to how their favorite Mickey D's meals are prepared.

For PhP 550 (per child) only, my boys were given a shirt, cap, backpack, apron, Mc Donald's ID with lanyards, and workshop materials! The fee is also inclusive of your kids' daily meals all throughout the workshop. Talk about getting your money's worth!

The Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew Workshop has become a hit ever since it started in the mid 80's under the Mc Donald's Kids On The Go Program. The 5-day workshop has three activities per day: a values formation lecture that fosters a different value per day, on-floor training, and art workshop. 

I was told by the Mc Donald's manager that the age limit for the program is 12  years old. Children as young as 2 y/o are accepted if they meet the criteria for the workshop. 

Ready to serve the customers with a smile! 

Kiddie Crews making their own Mc Donald's snacks!

They had games apart from art and reading activities.

Kids went wild when Ronald Mc Donald arrived! 

There's a graduation at the end of the 5-day workshop and a certificate will be given to each child during the said event.

My husband and I gave them their "salaries" after they finished the workshop. This, is of course,  is optional. We just wanted them to be compensated for doing a great job! 

Our boys had so much fun during the entire Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew Workshop! They looked forward to each day's events. They told me that "working is fun"! If only that were true in real life! Ha!

In the end, our one and only objective was overshadowed by the many positive benefits of joining the Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew Workshop. Our boys learned the importance of teamwork, meeting new friends, and the value of working hard.  

Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew

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