The Superstar Effect of Juday

Does anybody else think that local celebrity mom Juday (Judy Ann Santos) has become prettier after giving birth?

Proof No. 1
May 2012 Metro Magazine

Proof No. 2
March 2012 Women's Health Magazine

Proof No. 3
May 2012 Yes Magazine

Proof No. 4
I have no idea where this was taken

All of the above were taken after this...

Ok, that last photo was taken whilst pregnant so it's forgivable. I mean, wow! What a transformation! She definitely has that superstar effect! 

When she and then bf, now husband, Ryan Agoncillo, first started dating, I thought they were a bit odd for a couple. Juday had some serious fashion issues then, to say the least, and despite her superstar status, she seemed overshadowed by Ryan Agoncillo's appearance. Fast forward to today - she definitely outshines her husband in all aspects! Her husband looks like a mere fan (euphemism) on some photos. Atta girl!

I like her! She's not pretentious (a rare trait), she's honest, she practices the lost art of humility, and seemed nice on the very rare times that I've seen her in malls.

Way to go Juday! Preserve that fabulosity!


PHOTO CREDITS: Proof No. 4 from; Pregnant Juday photo from The  rest of the photos were taken by The Mommist from the magazines she bought.


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