What the heck is Tanorexia? 

Tan is defined as "to make brown by exposure to the sun" while orexis (orexia) is a Greek term that means "desire."

So, Tanorexia is a desire to make oneself brown through sun exposure. Hmmm..I see. I live in a country where having a pasty white skin (think The Cullens without the shimmer) is revered so this is actually a bit weird for me. 

My curiosity got the best of me when I saw a report about a mother, Patricia Krentcil, who admitted to being addicted to tanning.

But that's not why she's getting a lot of heat these days. During one of her trips to the tanning salon, her daughter got burned. She denied the whole thing. She said that her daughter got the sunburns from playing outside. She now faces up to 10 years of jail time if the charges of child endangerment are proven.

That's her below. Alright, I'm gonna give you time to scream and curse. Nuninuninu.. Done? She really emphasized that "toastiness" of hers by wearing a fluo pink top. This look is actually considered cool when you're playing a part of an extremely tanned walker on the Walking Dead.

Looking hot, woman!

Let's see some of the celebrity tanorexics—or at least on the verge of becoming one. You be the judge.

Lindsay Lohan: Everything she does is wrong! Poor kid. She used to be so pretty. Now, she looks like a 70-year-old has been porn star. Such a waste.

Christina Aguilera: Remember this? I thought she was bleeding from belting out that song. It wasn't blood (Thank God!) but a tanning product of some kind. I guess, she tans everything and everywhere.

Victoria Beckham: Aww, I like Mrs. Becks but she has the same color as one of her Birkins sometimes.

Snooki: Orange _________  _________ . Just fill in the blanks. 

George Hamilton is of course still the king when it comes to tanning. Every picture of him should come with a warning, or better yet, his picture should be placed on every tanning product like those they put on cigarette packs. Just a suggestion.

The 30th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Ball 2

Tanning actually works great for some people, but like all other things, doing something in excess is bad. So to that I say, tan with moderately.


Word Credit: Tan definition from Merriam-Webster; Orexis definition from Medical Dictionary


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