Tender bites at Yabu House of Katsu

As I walked - with positive signs of extreme hunger from hours of retail therapy - towards the SM Megamall Atrium searching for a place to have my late lunch, my eyes zeroed in on this sign...

Hmm...must be good. I browsed through the menu and liked what I saw. Table for 1 please! Followed by table for 2 the next day! Two days in a row - yep, it was that good!

Yabu House of Katsu signage

I rarely saw this place empty the few times I passed by here

Yabu Megamall

Yabu interior

Amused by these comic strips about how their famous katsu's made

Japanese comic strip

Japanese comic strip

Rows of sake ornate the walls


While waiting for my order, I got oriented to these different sauces, dressing, and spices thanks to my very friendly server.

Katsudon sauces and spices

I got a knack preparing my katsu sauce. Step 1: Grind the sesame seeds first - love the smell of sesame seeds! No need to powderize. Step 2: Pour the katsu sauce over the seeds and voilĂ ! 

Preparing katsudon sauce

Appetizers come in pairs. I chose a combo of Wakame (seaweed salad topped with ebiko) and my favorite  Japanese appetizer: Edamame (young green soybeans)! The wakame is so good! A perfect mix of salty and sour. 
wakame and edamame
Appetizers PhP 195 for two

I ordered Hire (pork tenderloin) Set 100g for day 1 at Yabu. I initially wanted the Hire 150g but my server told me that it would be too much for one person so she suggested that I should get the 100g. The 100g's big enough for one actually but not for me. I wolfed it down easily. *flexes biceps*

This pork tenderloin's simply delicious! Real crunchy on the outside but marshmallow-soft on the inside. Yabu also has the Premium Tonkatsu Set made from Kurobuta pork (Berkshire pigs) which is lean and has fine streaks of marbling which makes them oh so tender when cooked! The tender meat is coated with just the right amount of fresh panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). Don't worry, there's more meat to eat than the coating. Abhorred when it's the other way around.

I was engulfed with regret after I was done with my Hire. I should've been firmer and insisted on my initial order of Hire 150g instead of 100g! So delicious!

Hire katsudon set at Yabu
Hire 100g PhP 330

I ordered the Creamy Dory Set 90g for day 2 at Yabu. Same goodness, different day! Each set comes with unlimited Koshihikari rice and shredded cabbage, slices of fresh fuits, pickled veggies, and miso soup. 

Creamy Dory Katsudon
Creamy Dory Set 90g PhP 310

J2 (my love slave) ordered the Chicken Katsu Set 120g. You know that fried food problem where one side turns soggy? Doesn't happen in Yabu's katsu because they're served on a stainless steel wire mesh strainer which makes the other side retain its crispness. 

Chicken katsudon
Chicken Katsu Set 120g PhP 325

The sesame dressing mixed with the shredded cabbage is just heavenly! I didn't hold back on the dressing. I heavily bathed the cabbage with it!

Shredded cabbage salad

The service made our Yabu House of Katsu experience extra special. The staff were very much attentive and courteous, especially the manager and assistant manager. They would often check on the customers' needs. Thank you and good job!

Out of the maximum 5 :


Yabu House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, 1552 Manila, Philippines
TEL. NO.: (632)576-3900

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