Tyra Banks Showed Some Love For Filipino Fashion

Wow (an understatement) was all I could say when I found out about the great news that famed supermodel/ANTM host/producer/author/Harvard educated/philanthropist Tyra Banks wore not just one but two amazing gowns from Rajo Laurel's collection!

Ms. Banks wore this monochromatic graphic print gown last April for for the seventh episode of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 18. This is part of Filipino fashion designer extraordinaire Rajo Laurel's Insects Transition Collection.

The most recent one that roused patriotism among Filipinos is this stunner. This intricately designed gown made with shells, gold beads, and leather is inspired by the "Pintados", hence the name. The Pintados ("painted") is a term applied to the inhabitants of the Visayas during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. The name was given to them because they painted their bodies with red clay--or, as some writers say, on account of their being tattooed. Both men and women wear their hair long and fastened in a knot on the crown of the head. The men tattoo their entire bodies with very beautiful figures, using small pieces of iron dipped in ink. This ink incorporates itself with the blood, and the marks are indelible.

Congratulations Rajo Laurel and thank you Ms. Tyra Banks for giving us a reason to be fashionably jubilant! Mabuhay!

More on this news from the designer himself - Rajo's Blog

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CREDITS: Photos taken from Tyra Banks Facebook fan page. Pintados info from WikiPilipinas.


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