Newport Ultra Cinema at Resorts World Manila

Gone are the days when watching a movie in Glorietta 4 was considered rave-worthy, and lining up for an early screening at Louie's THX a tad bit grand.

I have to stop right there because I'm already dating myself. *scoffs*

My boys and I are happy watching movies in a regular movie house. But when there are predicted blockbuster movies that would hit the theaters, we opt to see it in cinemas that offer a more comfortable viewing pleasure.

So when The Avengers opened in Manila, J2 and I took our boys to see the movie at the Newport Ultra Cinema at Resorts World.

The Newport Ultra Cinema is located on the 4th floor of the Resorts World Manila along with the rest of the movie theaters—a total of four cinemas.

Cinema 3 is where they feature 3D movies while Cinemas 2 and 4 are the regular movie theaters, and of course, Cinema 1 is the mother of all four and also known as Ultra Cinema.

Newport Cinema ticket booths

A "special" lane for Visa cardholders. This is actually quite helpful when there's an influx of moviegoers.

I immediately zeroed in on the ticket price. *gulp* Nuh uh! I'm not gonna complain. Moving along...

The Avengers movie tickets

There's a lounge outside the cinemas with comfortable sofas but without free wi-fi. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a modern-day sin.

Newport Cinema lounge

Two Ultra Cinema 1 recliners are available outside for those who want to get a feel of them.

Ultra Cinema recliner seats

Ultra Cinema at Resorts World Manila entrance

The seats are very comfortable. Not too soft, not hard, just right. It also has seat covers for hygienic purposes I assume. Bonus! 

There are two recliners on each side and four recliners in the middle. All of which are inside cubicles (or pods, as they describe it) for privacy. That's actually nice to know for dating couples but useless for couples who have been married for more than 10 years and who treat each other like neighbors.

There are a total of 80 recliners at the Ultra Cinema. The recliners are spaced out perfectly. The overall comfort level is excellent. Very sleep conducive. 

Ultra Cinema at Resorts World Manila seats

The butlers are all attentive though. They really give great service and are very courteous too. 

Button for butler assistance at Ultra Cinema

Once you're comfortably seated on your recliner, you'll be given this...

Popcorn container

...and this...

...but not these (below). Pfft. These flavors are not included in the choices for the unlimited popcorn that goes with the ticket price. 

One go of each is actually enough for a normal person, but not for Pinoys, oh no-no. There is something in the word "unlimited" that triggers an inner glutton in most Filipinos. 

I see some asking for refills every now and then. Popcorns will make you gassy! Those people were probably farting their way through the movie. I had 2 refills only and that's the average. *wink*

Different popcorn flavors
Soy Chicken's the best!
Clean and accessible restrooms! Might be a little shallow for most but when you're on your third cup of soda, you'll be thanking the high heavens for this. 

Restroom at Ultra Cinema

Temperature-wise, Ultra Cinema hits the spot. You won't get the chills even if you drink lots of soda. I hate movie houses that are colder than Alaska. So hard to concentrate on what you're watching when you're head feels like it's about to explode from the cold.

I'm no sound expert but I'm not deaf either so I observed that the acoustics at the Ultra Cinema are much clearer and crisper than the other Newport Cinemas.

Ok, here's my favorite part about Newport Cinemas in general. They have a 24-hour weekend screening! Perfect for nocturnal creatures like me. So, when you're awakened by whatever during the wee hours of the morning, check out Newport Cinemas. I just might see you there.

P.S.: Please excuse the grainy images. I forgot to bring my camera that day and used my iPhone instead. Thanks! 

Newport Ultra Cinema, Resorts World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City. Pasay 1309, Metro Manila, Philippines 
Landline: (+632)908-8811 
Mobile: (+63)917-8788811 
Twitter: @rwmanila
Facebook: Resorts World Manila



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