Top Bespoke Slippers Makers

Included in my top ten lust-list are these chic and timeless bespoke slippers. Why do you haunt me so? Traditionally worn indoors, preferably beside a fireplace while sipping a hot cup of cocoa, these lavish slippers has found its way to the streets, parks, malls, and even to the beaches. Synonymously dubbed as the gentleman's slippers, its exclusivity has become non-existent with the addition of the ladies line.

Made famous by Prince Albert during his wife's (Queen Victoria) reign as a luxurious footwear worn during formal occasions.  

File:Prince Albert 1842.JPG

The velvet creations has found its way to the famous soles of Robert Kennedy as part of his casual wear

Here are some swoon-worthy custom pairs from reputable makers:

Stubbs & Wootton 

I like the top left one most

Del Toro

Love the signature red stripe at the back of Del Toro slippers 

Penelope Chilvers

Gold stitching  against dark colored velvet looks so good

Bowhill and Elliott

Nice color

Shipton & Heneage

Edgy skull design

Foster & Son

The satin inner lining looks really nice but I prefer the one without

Peal & Co.'s most famous client was the stylish Duke of Windsor. The Duke's affinity with the said slippers was evidenced by his extensive collection.

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