Hill Station Tapas Bar and Restaurant Baguio City

A friend highly recommended a quaint restaurant located under a modest boutique hotel along Session Road. I've been to the City of Pines countless of times but never cared to try this food haven. "Wrong move", my friend said. That remark has made my curiosity run amok and once we arrived in the city and checked in the hotel, we immediately headed towards this charming restaurant named Hill Station. 

Hill Station Baguio entrance

Once you've climbed down the stairs from the street level, you'll be greeted by this cozy bar with vintage cottage interiors.

Hill Station Baguio Bar and Lounge area

The main dining area has a different feel. I could best describe it as casual fine dining but still gives a feeling of comfort and warmth to the guests. The ceiling is adorned with waves of white fabric and a grand double staircase frames the area beautifully.

Waves of white fabric hang from the ceiling

Fine dining table set-up

The waiters are very courteous and took time out in explaining their specialty dishes. Once we've ordered, our server gave us a  basket of warm bread with olive oil and nuts for dipping. We liked it and asked for seconds.

Complimentary bread basket with olive oil and nuts dip

We started of with an appetizer of fresh spring rolls with shrimp. So tasty and light! The dipping sauces (peanut) adds a sweet kick to this delicious wrap. What a way to start a meal!

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp
Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp

Gambas is our youngest son's staple food. We have tried a lot of this tapas for years and we dare say that this is among the top ten best. The medium sized shrimps are just right to the bite and the sauce had the perfect tang of spiciness.

Gambas al Pilpil
Gambas al Pilpil PhP 260

The savory filling of this Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli merged well with the tameness of the sauce's flavor. I thought the portion was a bit small for me but found it very filling towards the end of the meal.

Spinach and mushroom ravioli
Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli PhP 320

Our eldest son couldn't get enough of these Mini Blue Cheese Burgers. I only got a bite for posting sake. The bun's very soft and a bit sweet and the burger patty's so flavorful! Great for kids.

Mini blue cheese burgers
Mini Blue Cheese Burgers PhP 195

Made from offal, this Spanish Callos would certainly make you utter the words muy delicioso (I watch Dora)! The rich and well seasoned sauce has a lingering taste that will make you eat more. Loved when I smoldered my rice with the sauce. *sigh*

Spanish callos
Spanish Callos PhP 360

I could've sworn I saw a tear streamed down my sister's cheek while savoring each spoon full of this Shepherd's Pie. The ingredients blended perfectly together under that cheesy potato topping. Unbelievably good!

Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd's Pie PhP 390

I thought the lechon kawali (pan fried pork belly) pork would've been better if it was not was sliced thin and overly fried. The laing (vegetable with coconut milk) was just average. 

Lechon Kawali with Laing sa Gata
Lechon Kawali with Laing sa Gata PhP 320

J2 (Hubs) is a sisig aficionado and would eat this fat-filled dish everyday if only I allow him to. According to him, this sisig's tasty but lacked crunch. I agree (thank your lucky stars J2). 

Sizzling Sisig
Sisig PhP 125
Hill Station sells an array of bottled delicacies...

Bottled seafood delicacies

...as well as glazed ceramic wares.

Glazed ceramic wares

My friend's right! Hill Station Tapas and Bar is definitely worth a visit! We truly enjoyed our gastronomic experience made extra special with interesting conversation, laughter, and an amazing view of the beautiful pine trees from our table.

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Hill Station Tapas Bar and Restaurant
ADD.: Casa Vallejo Upper Session Road, Baguio City
TEL. NOS.: 424 2734, 423 9100, 423 9558
E-MAIL: info@hillstationbaguio.com
FACEBOOK: Hill Station


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PHOTO CREDIT: map from www.hillstationbaguio.com


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