New Legoland Theme Park Opening in Malaysia Soon!

The Lego Group in partnership with Merlin Entertainment, will open yet another exciting and educational lego-themed park at Johor, Malaysia that is perfect for youngsters and young at hearts just like yours truly. LEGOLAND Malaysia is set to open its doors to the eager public on September 15, 2012 (before Malaysia Day)! It will be the first Legoland in Asia. 

The 76 acre park is divided into 7 themed areas (Imagination, Lego Kingdom, Land of Adventure, Lego Technic, The Beginning, Miniland, and Lego City) which boasts of 40 rides, hands-on attractions, and  exciting shows!  

Including Legoland Malaysia, the lego-themed park now has six branches all over the world. Legoland Dubai, Japan, and Korea are currently under construction and is said to open in 2015. 

Legoland is not just a haven for lego-obsessed kids, even those who are not into those construction toys (are there any?) will have a grand time at the park. You'll surely be amazed by the hundreds of Lego-made buildings, characters, boats, cars, trees...everything you can ever imagine and more!  Don't worry, the pieces are glued together so there is zero chance that you will accidentally step on, sit on (oh the pain!), or even eat a piece of those little bricks. Guaranteed!

I actually get more excited than my boys everytime we'd visit Legoland in Carlsbad! The name Lego is derived from the Danish expression leg godt, translated as "play well". We most certainly "lego-ed" at the park! Sharing with you a couple of our fun times at Legoland!

Here we are (with big smiles on our faces from excitement) at the Legoland California entrance

 Our boys battling it out with the Asthmatic One

 A replica of France's best known landmark, Eiffel Tower, made from thousands of Lego bricks

A whopping two million Lego bricks were used to build these New York skyscrapers! If you've ever assembled a Lego kit, you'll surely appreciate the amount of time and patience these people did to create these Lego wonders!

Can you just imagine how hard it is to do build faces out of lego bricks? The bricks edges are not smooth therefore it's difficult to get a perfect contour and symmetry. Wowed that they were able to perfectly replicate Mount Rushmore's sculptures!

Our eldest at the exact replica of the famous Las Vegas strip!

They built 10 Las Vegas hotels with unique structures.  They have cool features and little surprises all over the place such as exploding volcanoes infront of The Mirage, roller coaster rides at the Stratosphere, or Elvis Presley hiding under a bridge.

Me and my sister went all the way to level five in this bad boy of a ride - Knights' Tournament. My sister insisted on starting at level 1 but the barely teen riders before us went for level 3 so I said with conviction, "let's go for 5!". My heart went up to my throat and lost both my shoes (thank God my feet were clean!)  at level 5 BUT it was all worth it! 

Knights Tournament at Legoland California

Excited to have new adventures and fun memories at Legoland Malaysia! Hope to visit the park on its opening day and Lego again!

Thanks for viewing! 


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