Pinkberry Now Swirling at Power Plant Mall

Roughly five months after opening their flagship store at Greenbelt 5, Pinkberry swirls anew with the opening of their second branch located at the Concourse Level of Power Plant Mall.

Pinkberry Menu

The courteous Pinkberry PP staff fixing the toppings. There's a pair of the Poul Christiansen-wave-design-pendant like lights from their first branch that I like.

Pinkberry Power Plant Mall Shop

Though smaller than the one in Greenbelt, this branch still packs all the goodness that is uniquely Pinkberry's. They have all the essentials here - different Pinkberry yogurt flavors, fresher than fresh fruit toppings, superior dry toppings, slurpy good liquid toppings, one-of-a-kind luxe toppings, and rich smoothies!

Pinkberry dry toppings

Swirl fanatics kept coming! It was a struggle to take a shot of the branch without Pinkberry swirlers.

Long line at Pinkberry store

Spotted a few lovely ladies chatting (latest showbiz gossip perhaps?) while waiting for their frozen treats.

Women chatting outside Pinkberry shop

Come and visit their new branch and taste the Pinkberry difference! Happy swirling!

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Pinkberry Power Plant Mall
Concourse Level Power Plant Mall
Amorsolo Drive  Makati City, Philippines
TWITTER: @PinkberryPH

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    1. Oh my gosh! So honored that you visited my site! Thank you very much! Appreciate it a lot! :)

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  2. Wow, why have I never heard about this place?! I would definitely become a fanatic ;)

  3. wow! this looks delish! Hey! i just followed you! and, I was just wondering, why can't I see you on my GFC list? anyway, your blog's awesome! God Bless you!

    with much love!

    1. Hi Ms. Grean!

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  4. Yum! We just had two similar fro yo places open here in central PA, and I am LOVING this new craze. I always wondered what happened to the TCBYs, but this new trend is even better! Love your blog - thanks for the follow!

    1. Same here! People have become health conscious. :) I love TCBY too! Tried it twice in San Diego. I've always wanted to go to PA and visit Hersheypark! That'll be on my list next time we visit the States. :) From the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for taking the time to comment & visit my site. :)


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