A Pinkberry Surprise

I got a Pinkberry surprise!!! *cartwheels* Pinkberry Take Home yogurt and Chilly Bliss Bag!!!

Pinkberry bliss bag and Take Home pint

Thanks a lot Pinkberry Philippines!!! Love 'em!!!

NICE TO KNOW: Confession time - the numerous times I've been on Pinkberry, I never bought a Take Home yogurt. Why? I thought that Pinkberry yogurts are only good when eaten right after they come out of the yogurt maker. I didn't think that it would still be good after it's been frozen for sometime until I did a bit of an experiment. I kept the Pinkberry yogurt in the freezer for a week just to check if it will retain the flavor, texture, and consistency. Lo and behold, it did (with a little bit of thawing necessary)! I didn't expect that. 

Thanks for viewing! 

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with Pinkberry Philippines in any way. Just got lucky with these freebies and am grateful for them.


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