35 Things I Learned at 35

Number 35

35. Go back to basics. Saying thank you, please, and sorry are powerful words that can solve just about anything, even the worst world crisis. Use them.

34. Do more, but expect less.

33. Stop changing others. Change yourself. Apply to yourself the change you want to see in others. Leave them alone and let them remain stupid.

33. Don't be too much of a drama queen. Ninety-nine percent of the people don't care if you post "my head hurts" on Facebook. Notice the likes when you do? That means they're happy you have it.

32. Wear all those daisy dukes and shorter than short skirts before gravity becomes your enemy.

31. Do the very best you can in everything. If you're making a soup, make sure it's the best soup in the whole wide world.

30. Stop comparing yourself to others. Someone will always be better than you and someone will always be beneath you. You're a rockstar in your own right!

29. De Omnibus Dubitandum

28. "Money is not important" is either a defensive response of those who truly want to have a lot but can't or someone who has too much already. Same is true for beauty.

27. Practice the fine art of sprezzatura.

26. Read and read a lot!

25. Be grateful for every single thing. "Everyday above the ground is always a good day".

24. Don't take every single thing too seriously. That's the thing that makes you boring.

23. Have a good laugh everyday. Laugh at yourself and at others.

22. Word of honor is worth more than a thousand signed contracts.

21. Never give promises. Just deliver and deliver well.

20. Respect gained through demand is very transient. A respect that's earned is forever.

19. Don't expect too much from others. Their ways are beyond your grasp. Expect a lot from yourself.

18. Never ever complain about your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, helper, boss, etc. to others. It will always reflect on you.

17. Kindness supersedes all.

16. Make mistakes while you're young. That's what youth's for. Make less mistakes when you're older.

15. Never give hope - false or true. It's deadly.

14. Have a good meal and conversation often with the people who love you the most.

13. Don't delay! Take action!

12. People will always talk. Let them. Never explain.

11. Try to please only the worthy few.

10. Be as curious as a child.

9. Practice humility everyday.

8. Someone will be overly jealous of you and try to bring you down. Make them more jealous by being a very humble superstar.

7. Have a clear sense of faith no matter who your God is. Know that you answer to someone higher.

6. Help one person each day.

5. Don't let anybody know that you're helping someone out. Let others talk for you while you sip a cup of joe with a big smug look on your face 'coz you...are...a...king!

4. Don't tell others your problems. They have their own problems to deal with. Hire a shrink. 

3. Love your children more than anything and anybody. 

2. Greatness takes time. Just wait and keep on working hard.

And most important of all............... 

1. By the time you hit 20, wear a lot of sunscreen and moisturizer because wrinkle's a big bech!


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