4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Hits Manila

Korean-style fried chicken has been plaguing Metro Manila as of late. The Filipinos love for fried foods has made the entrance of this food cult smooth and easy. 

As the craze took hold in our city, local chains have been created while international brands pop up like mushrooms here and there. One such international chain that boasts of cutting-edge identity is 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken. 

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Logo

4 Fingers is an international franchise that was established by four gastronomes (hence the name) in Singapore. The idea to start this chain came about when the four friends ate at the New York eateries that serve Korean-style fried chicken and the rest is history.

4 Fingers Manila Store facade

This is actually a fairly late post. We have been to 4 Fingers countless of times already. My bad. 

4 Fingers Store Cashier

The design of the store is patterned from the New York subways complete with graffiti and signs but minus the stench.

4 Fingers Manila Store Interior

I like the vibe in this place. If hip and cool is what they are going for, they nailed it!

4 Fingers Industrial Interiors

I also like the high contrast of colors that are not only visually stimulating for babies but for baby-brained adults like me.

4 Fingers Store Graffiti

I had our drinks upsized for just 10 bucks each! I got the green iced tea (good!) while my boys got the red ones. How cool are these paper cups?

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Paper Cups

They have three flavors for the fried chicken - soy garlic, hot, and mix. I ordered the 6 pcs. (wings) in soy garlic flavor. The crunch and zero grease - quintessence of Korean fried chicken - are clearly there with every bite!

The garlic and soy sauce is distinctly entwined with the delicious chicken skin!  It is not overpowering. The meat has a subtler taste but equally great! So good!

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Wings
6 pcs. Soy Garlic Chicken PhP 189

Plus points for the creative stainless steel containers!

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Stainless Steel Container

Since Filipinos are big on rice and I am a Filipino, hence, I'm big! Seriously, one of the unique food quality that I like about 4 Fingers is the way they serve their rice. They drizzle the steamed white rice with soy garlic sauce and sprinkle it with herbs! It adds oomph to the viands! 

4 Fingers Soy Garlic Rice

I was not able to taste this chicken burger but hubs said that it's tasty although he would prefer that they use a different bun. 

4 Fingers Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger PhP 159

J7 (son 2) has always been a chicken fillet fan. He prefers them for the obvious reason that they are much easier to eat. He also chose the soy garlic flavor. The coating is delicious and crunchy but I find the meat tougher compared to the bone-in kind. 

Chicken Chop PhP 189

Seafood always gives me joy and J6 (son 1) shares this same passion. He ordered the Seafood Rice Box which he unselfishly shared with me. He also got the same flavor - soy garlic all the way! I was surprised with the quality of the squid. It's fresh and really good for a fast food chain! Based on my experiences, it's rare.

4 Fingers Seafood Rice Box
Seafood Rice Box PhP 209

Excited to try the battered shrimps next time!

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Menu

Take a bite of this different kind of chicken and you'll surely crave the crunch!

They only have one branch as of the moment but I was told that they will be opening another one soon at the SM Mall of Asia. Spread the goodness people! Create more branches please!

Out of the maximum 5 :

Quality: ☻☻☻☻
Price: ☻☻☻
Ambiance: ☻☻☻

Cleanliness: ☻☻☻

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Philippines
G/F SM City North Edsa, North Avenue cor. EDSA, 
Quezon City, Philippines (In between National Bookstore and Yakimix)

Thanks for viewing! 


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