Cheese Steak Shop Manila: Serving Cheesesteaks the Real Philly Way

Blogging about food is like a chef cooking a mean dish. If the blogger is not at all appeased with the experience, the dismay is evident in every single word no matter how he/she tries to conceal it. I forbid myself from blogging about dining experiences that are truly (100%) awful. This is my rule and my pact with good karma. 

I thank God for restaurants that serve great - in all essence of the word - food. They make blogging easier and authentic. Everything just flows from your fingertips naturally. Such is the case with this place named Cheese Steak Shop. This chain can make me utter the word delicious in a hundred variations with an equal amount of strong conviction each and every time.

Cheese Steak Shop Logo

The Cheese Steak Shop is a franchise from the original chain in the U.S. I passed by the San Francisco branch once with my husband's cousin and he swiftly pointed to the direction of the shop and told me that they serve good cheese steaks. I didn't care to try because I was partial to the one from  Buster's at that time. I regret that now tremendously.

The Philippine branch used to be located along Arnaiz St. We went there yesterday and was shocked to see that the store was closed and there was only a food truck outside. The guard informed me of the shop's new location at Amorsolo. The previous location was better in terms of good visibility. I don't know why they transferred.

Cheese Steak Shop Counter

We were greeted by a savory aroma of meat being cooked which immediately aroused our food senses and our stomachs churned from excitement. 

The place is small and designed modestly. The most important factors for us are cleanliness and coolness. The place has both so we are very satisfied. 

Cheese Steak Shop Amorsolo Makati

Our boys were curious as to how a phonograph is used. We requested for a quick demonstration and the server kindly obliged. Thank you!


I'm seriously thinking of buying a set of these humongous condiment containers!

Large Heinz Condiments dispenser

Extra points for having board games for the kids and kids at heart! These are a big hit with my kids! The wait time is actually pretty good so there's not much of a need for board games actually but I like that they have them though...a lot! 

Board games

We ordered a 15" classic Philly. I requested that the toppings (grilled onions, hot and sweet peppers) be placed on the side because our eldest prefers it that way. They cut the sandwich into four parts. I don't know the exact measurement of each since I didn't bring a ruler but it's pretty equal so all got a fair share. 

We were all very hungry and eager with anticipation that when our order arrived, I took just 2 snaps and we happily dug in! Unbelievably good!!! The beef is cooked perfectly and mixed well with the cheeses (white American and Provolone)! The beef's not gristly at all! Don't you just hate it when the beef such a hassle to eat? Fat gets stuck between your teeth and all. The "drip factor" is just about right for me. Most hardcore cheese steak lovers prefer theirs dripping and messy.

Philly Cheesesteak with Onions and bell peppers
15" Classic Philly Cheese Steak PhP 720

The ranch dressing makes it extra, extra, extra special! I wanted to pump the ranch dressing directly in my mouth then bite a big chunk of my sub after but I'm a lady so... *bats eyelashes* See all those melted cheese on the sides? Grrrr!

Philly Cheesesteak Wit

It is not just the sub that deserves a praise. These buffalo wings are delicious! Crispy, tender, and just enough heat to wake up your senses. Oooh la la!

Buffalo wings
Buffalo Wings PhP 225

Even their onion rings are amazing! I'm not gonna pretend to be an onion rings expert here. All I know is that the coating is crispy and tastes really good! You have to try these!

onion rings
Onion Rings Large Php 180

Onion rings with ranch dip

In between bites and a mouth full of food (sorry mom), I managed to utter the words "order one more please" to J2 (husband). He got a 10 incher this time. Let the goodness roll!

Speaking of roll, they use the famous hearth-baked rolls from Amoroso's in Philadelphia which is considered as the ultimate bread for cheese steaks. Don't wait too long before eating your sub though because the bread turns a bit hard once it cools down.

Philly cheesesteak 10"

We stayed an hour more after we were done eating because the boys resumed their game.  


They have a frequency card that will entitle you to a free 10" sub upon completion. We can easily complete this one in a week, tops!

Frequency card

Their tagline, "Caution: May Be Habit Forming" was not invented just to create an impact or attract customers. All it takes is one bite for you to conclude that what they are saying is actually true. Thank you to Cheese Steak Shop for making us happy by serving great food! 

Quality: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

Cheese Steak Shop Manila
140 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village Makati City
(632) 555-02-35
(632) 555-18-18
FACEBOOK: Cheese Steak Shop Manila
TWITTER: @CheesesteakPH

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