Delectable Makimono at Omakase Japanese Restaurant

Every time we would visit the Omakase branch in Libis, I would often suggest to the staff that they should open a branch in Greenhills. I love their food but I hate going to Libis because of the heavy traffic. I would site a few important points (I made them all up by the way) for convincing purposes. Personal convenience was my real reason though. 

Years later, Omakase Greenhills was born. Wishes do come true, I tell you!

Omakase Greenhills signage

Omakase is a Japanese phrase spoken at sushi restaurants that translates to "i'll leave it to you". The you being referred to is the chef. The word is your go-signal to the chef that he can create whatever he prefers regardless of the price. We haven't tried it though. I want to but I doubt if you can say "just kidding" once you receive the bill and get away with it with pride and honor intact.

Omakase Greenhills interior

Omakase Greenhills is a two-floor restaurant. The first one is the receiving/waiting area. The second floor is the main dining area with function rooms and a sushi bar.

Omakase sushi bar

One look at this scarlet viscid semi-translucent meat and my palate goes on hyperdrive. It had a rich taste and texture but a bit fibrous. The ones I had before weren't. It was still satisfying nonetheless.

Tuna Sashimi
Tuna Sashimi  PhP 220

We frequent Omakase for the Makimono (rolled things) and their one-of-a-kind special dipping sauce. One of our all time favorite is this Dynamite Roll. It has a unagi tempura inside with a choice of either a spicy salmon or tuna on top. It's a bomb of a creation!

Dynamite Roll Makimono
Dynamite Roll  PhP 250

Another must-try is the Omakase Roll with its soft and fresh slices of salmon outside and a crunchy cucumber inside plus kani.

Salmon Roll Makimono
Omakase Roll  PhP 220

Tender chicken slices lacquered with a sweet sauce over a steamed gohan constitutes this sumptous dish called Teriyakidon. Delicious!

Chicken teriyakidon
Teriyakidon  PhP 195

This famous bowl of pork cutlets topped with a partially cooked beaten egg is made special by Omakase's sauce which makes this dish savory sweet! Our eldest never gets tired of ordering this dish each and every time. It doesn't surprise us though, being the katsu lover that he is.

Katsu-don  PhP 180

Even with a light batter coating, the sweetness of the fresh shrimps inside are incontestable with every crunchy bite of this ebi tempura! Paired well with the mild flavor of the tentsuyu!

Ebi Tempura
Ebi Tempura 8 pcs  PhP 425

I know that I posted something about drinks before. Indulging once in awhile is alright. *wink*

Wild raspberry iced tea
Wild Raspberry [Bottomless]  PhP 65

Watermelon shake
Fresh Watermelon Shake  PhP 90

Assim strawberry milk tea
Assam Strawberry Milk Tea   PhP 85

The Mommist
Out of the maximum 5 :

Quality: ☻☻☻☻
Price: ☻☻☻
Ambiance: ☻☻☻
Cleanliness: ☻☻☻

Omakase Greenhills
Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel. No. 470-98-47
Facebook: Omakase

Other Branches:

Omakase Libis
2/F Intrepid Plaza Bldg.
E. Rodriguez Ave., Libis, Q.C.
Tel. No. 637-60-13

Omakase Alabang
Molito Mall
Madrigal Ave., Alabang Muntinlupa, M.M.
Tel. Nos. 403-32-79, 771-14-43

Omakase Tomas Morato
Il Terazzo, Scout Madrinan
Tomas Morato, Q.C.
Te. No. 332-41-15

Omakase Makati
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati CBD
Tel. Nos. 467-31-50, 964-57-98

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