Effective Ways To Save Money When Eating Out

Those who were awake during a school lecture about the Basic Needs of Man (or Fundamental Needs of Man for the Montessori educated individuals) would know that food tops all others since the root of such is ontological. Food belongs to the category of Physiological Needs in The Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs along with breathing. Food is vital. It is what makes the world go round, not love.

I love food and I love eating out but doing so has become a luxury nowadays. A luxury that is too hard to avoid specially with the new and exciting resto-haunts that have been popping out like mushrooms as of late.   Why?!!!

Don't give up on eating out just yet. There are effective penny pinching ways! Here are some that I've tried and have found to be effective:

The Social Networks

Follow restaurants on twitter or Like their Facebook pages to learn about discounts, giveaways, promos etc. Of course when you do this, you have to religiously check your twitter constantly for updates so as not to miss anything. 


Some restaurants will ask you to complete an online survey and you will get a free dish or a discount in return. I got a free order of buffalo wings plus a lovely smile from the server just a couple of days ago from an international restaurant chain just by completing their online survey. Score!

Social Commerce

Make use of social commerce that give discounts to its members. You'll get notifications about their offers almost every day. There are a lot out there to choose from. Proceed with caution when purchasing deals though. Ask about other people's experiences from those sites. 

Join The Club

You can avail of hotel membership programs for a certain amount which will entitle you to a lot of discounts and freebies. I have purchased some of these and got overnight stays and up to 50% off on buffets.

The Big CC

Eventhough my heart skips two beats everytime I receive my monthly credit card statement, the discount coupons included actually makes me smile. Some credit card companies have great restaurant discount offers that are just too hard to resist sometimes.

Share meals to save money when eating out

Sharing is Caring

Share meals with your significant other or with some ├╝ber hot stranger. It doesn't matter as long as you share. There are restaurants whose meal portions are above average in size. You're actually hitting three birds with one stone on this one - you get to feed your craving, eat less calories, and pay less too!

Blog Giveaways

A lot of bloggers raffle out amazing giveaways. There are millions out there. Many bloggers constantly give out free stuff that includes restaurant discounts and gift cheques!  

 Skip the Drinks

Ordering drinks when dining out adds bulk to your bill. Just go for plain H20. Your kidneys will thank you for it. 

Group/Set Menu

When you're dining out with your glutton crew, check out the restaurant's group/set menu. You'll pay a little less as opposed to ordering one dish for each.

Some would forego tipping so as to save. This is against my rule. Even if a service charge is included in the bill, I still give a tip plus a whole lot of thank you's especially if the server's nice. I give 60% less for those that don't give good service and 90% for the snotty ones. Kindness pays. I don't get mad though. I don't want anything floating in my water next time I go back! 

There are a lot of ways to eat out without having to break your wallet in the process. You just have to patiently find ways. Go ahead and indulge your palate but do so wisely. Uhm, that last line is addressed to me actually.

What are your penny pinching tips when eating out?

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