Why It's Better To Get Tattoos Past Your Teen Years

My 1st ink
My obsession with tattoos started when I was in my second year of college. I begged my Dad to allow me to get a little ittty bitty ink on my back but he forbade me to. He said, "Ten years from now, if you still feel like getting one, do so". I have all the "obedient daughter bone" in me so I did what I was told even with a heavy heart. My dad passed away years ago so he can not contradict this statement anymore. Miss you Pops! 

My reason for wanting to get inked at that time was solely for visual pleasure and nothing more. Some would do it to go against the norm. Be a rebel with or without a cause or something. I had none of those. I just like how they look. Well, not all of course. Some are...what's the word...tacky. 

Most people think that tattoos are a badge that is associated with drugs, prostitution, freaks, or felons.  I never thought of it that way. I was more worried that I would contract a viral disease from it than the reputation it would bring.

A couple of years after my father passed away, I got my first tattoo in honor of him. Cue the awww's. Sixteen years after we first had our tattoo talk. I'm really glad that I listened to him and delayed it way past my teen years. Here are my reasons why:

The Mommist

A sense of taste

Like wine, you're taste gets better as you age. The Super Mario Bros. (no pun intended) design that you liked 15 years ago wouldn't be such a good idea now. You will also get a different kind of confidence as you age. I'm done with that awkward phase where I would always put into consideration what others might think before doing something. That thing actually matters when getting a tattoo, believe me.


I used to force a meaning to the tattoo design I picked just to get justification out of it. Rather than just being a body d├ęcor, the permanent text that I have now has a "real" meaning. I feel pleased when I look at it because I know that it is something that matters to me dearly. 

Not a dumb mistake

My tattoo was not born out of an impulsive decision. It took me years to finally decide what kind of design I wanted. I even did some research about the top tattoo parlors in my city. I asked what kind of ink they use, the hygienic practices they abide by, and if they are recognized by the Department of . Tattoos can be removed, AIDS is permanent.


Taking into consideration the ascendancy issue is of top importance as a mother. Before I got mine done, my husband asked me what I would say if my kids would ask permission to get inked someday. I knew that I had to explain thoroughly to my boys why I was getting one. I have to be prepared for when they ask me for permission in the future. Will I allow them? Yes, but with conditions. It has to be anatomically discreet, done properly, and they also have to delay getting one. 

Like everything else in life, tattoos need a lot of time and self-rationalization. Don't just get one to make you look cool because it won't. Saving a life or changing someone's life for the better will make you look cool. Winning a Nobel Prize will make you look cool. Having a net worth of $80 billion dollars and giving half to charity will make you super cool. Having a tattoo that say "Lucky You" on your lower abdomen will not. No matter how many little hearts, arrows, or stars you add in there. 

A lot of people will see you differently when you have one on you so you have to be prepared for that. You can't change a person's century-long negative notion about this body art.  To each his own and you have to respect that.

You have to think about tattoos in a long term scenario and not just in-the-moment kind of thing. If you're comfortable explaining to your grandkids why you have a name of a guy that is not their grandfather tattooed on your buttocks while they're cleaning you up 'coz you're too weak to do it yourself, then by all means, tattoo away.

Thanks for viewing! 


  1. I didn't delay getting one so now I have a couple that I don't like!

  2. I'm thinking of getting a small tattoo on my ankle. It's gonna be my first. I have a lot of designs but still undecided on what I really want. Yours looks nice. What language is that?


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