Gourmet Pizza at Nolita BHS Central

Joining in the carb bandwagon is a pizzeria at Bonifacio High Street Central that claims to serve authentic New York style pizza. The claim seriously made me ecstatic to try this place named after a portmanteau of a famous district in downtown Manhattan called Nolita or North of Little Italy. 

Nolita Bonifacio Hight Street Entrance

I will forever be fascinated by chalkboard menus! They have more inside.

Nolita Pizzeria Bonifacio High Street Central Chalkboard Menu

The place is modest in size but well designed. The interiors remind me of the Bowery area of NYC. Rustic meets industrial.

Nolita Pizzeria BHS Industrial Interiors

Nolita Pizzeria BHS Interiors

It's a semi self-service (more like a self-order) restaurant. You'll do the ordering yourself but the food and drinks you ordered will be delivered to your table. When the place is really packed (weekends), it becomes a full self-service pizza place. You'll clean your own table too. Kidding! We do it though. Why not?

You'll let out a big gasp because of the prices at first but you'll be well compensated by how huge the slices are and the taste later on. One slice can actually be shared by two average sized individuals (waist line's not more than 22 inches in diameter). Mine's beyond that, so one slice is just about right for me. Plus, once you get a taste, it'll be too hard to share. 

A reminder as to how a slice should properly be eaten hangs on the wall.

Put that fork down and eat with your hands poster

Nolita's pizzas all look gastronomically pleasing. You'll have a hard time choosing if you'll base everything on appearance. 

Our eldest son, J6, chose the Shrimp Carbonara which is a deviation from its pasta counterpart with the addition of a sunny side-up egg on top. Topped with thin white sauce, tender shrimps, and bits and pieces of  bacon. The taste is dangerously good!

Nolita Shrimp Carbonara Pizza
Shrimp Carbonara Pizza  PhP 290

The crust is what makes these pizzas a cut above the rest. It's thin, soft, and pliable but crispy. The crispiest part of a slice is the thick bubbled end part of the crust which I don't eat. Boo! I find the crust the same as Grimaldi's. The only NY pizza I've ever tried. Humblebrag loser!

I got a Wild Mushroom and Cheese with Walnuts pizza. You can choose between ricotta and bleu. I chose the former. This one is beyond delicious! I'm at lost for the proper words to describe this wonder. I'll leave it to the pizza experts. I just thank God that this one was invented and I got to taste it! 

Nolita Wild mushroom and ricotta cheese pizza
Wild Mushroom Walnut Ricotta Pizza  PhP 250

The second best feeling in the whole wide world is taking a big bite of all those extremely good toppings that are concentrated in the middle. The best feeling in the whole wide world is still deciphering Captcha code with just one go. 

They don't scrimp on the toppings. Check out all those huge chunks of ricotta! 

Wild mushroom and ricotta cheese pizza

Hubs (J2) ordered a Chicken Barbecue Pizza. He likes it a lot but I don't. Probably because I was overwhelmingly happy with my chosen slice. This one lacks flavor.

Chicken Barbecue Pizza
Chicken Barbecue Pizza  PhP 250

Our baby (J7), went wild for the fried PB & J! They ran out of the grape jelly that day which our little boy didn't mind, but I did. I want grape jelleh! *stomps feet*

Seriously, be it grape jelly or strawberry jam, this classic sandwich is something to rave about. It's big, gooey, messy, and delicious!

Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich  PhP 230

There's a sink, liquid soap, and lots of paper towels in the area so you need not worry about the mess. If you need to change your shirt, you're too much. 

Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich

The watermelon mojito (virgin) is refreshingly good! I like it! 

Watermelon Virgin Mojito
Watermelon Mojito PhP 130

The ricotta filling of this cannolo is good but a little too sweet for my liking. Well, I actually have low tolerance for sweets. My boys like it a lot though.

Cannoli PhP 85

Plus points for me is the fact that they close late almost everyday! I have a new place to get good  whenever I'm bugged by insomnia. If you want a different kind of pizza (gourmet), try Nolita's! Truly satisfying!

2/F Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Ave. corner 29th St., Fort Bonifacio, 
Taguig City, Philippines
Operating Hours: Sunday: 10am-12am
                           Monday: 11am-12am
                           Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11am-2am
                           Friday: 11am-5am 
                           Saturday: 10am-5am 
Facebook: Nolita Pizza

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