Save A Child For 20 Pesos A Day

What is 20 Philippine pesos (approximately $ 0.48) worth nowadays? With the current inflation rate and product price hike, I'd say, not much. That famous local ice cream television commercial best express the value of this amount. You will get taunting and mockery if you offer 20 bucks to buy a product. I get a good laugh each time I watch that by the way.

There is actually good way to spend the said amount without being ridiculed. Something truly worthy. For a mere sum of PhP 20 per day, you can send a child to school, make someone truly happy, give a person a better chance in life, and possibly, land a spot in heaven. 

World Vision is an advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential. World Vision creates various efforts in addressing the causes of poverty and injustice. By increasing understanding of poverty and injustice, World Vision seeks to promote public involvement and government policies that help alleviate poverty.

They have a program called Sponsor A Child. With just PhP 20 pesos/day (PhP 600/monthly, PhP 1,800/quarterly, PhP 7,200 annually) you can provide a child with access to necessities such as education, skills training, improved nutrition, livelihood assistance, health care, safe water, and value formation.

Letter from World Vision

I don't advocate for all causes. I advocate for the ones I believe in. Top two of my favorite causes are education and health care. Education, I believe is one of the greatest equalizers that the universe has ever produced. Kids will always have a better chance for greatness, regardless of status, with education.  

Health care on the other hand is a basic right that is denied to many, unfortunately. Illness is also a great equalizer. I doubt if Rhinovirus will spare a person just because he's rich. Being in the health care field, I've seen so many heartbreaking situations. Things that will force one to truly care  no matter what kind of heart one has. Conditions that you wouldn't wish to see in even your worst enemies.

I admit though that when we first received a letter from World Vision years ago, I was in full doubt. I was not aware of what World Vision is at that time. It's probably 'cause I live by these words also - De Omnibus Dubitandum. Well, there are a lot of fake agencies and organizations out there so, you can't really blame me. I did some research and found out that the organization is legitimate. That made me sleep like a baby every night, thank you very much.

The organization is supported by public figures who matter like international songstress, Ms. Lea Salonga and  famed news anchor, Ms. Karen Davila. Big fans of both!

So why did I create this post? Because I wanna look good! *wink* I just thought that if I could easily share (through twitter) things like Chuck Norris' comeback then this one wouldn't be so hard, right? 

Seriously, I just want to create a certain level of awareness. I'm a hundred percent sure that there are people out there who want to help support a child but don't know how. Hopefully, this post will reach them. So, if you have the capacity to spare some money to help a child, please do so. Thank you!

For further information regarding Sponsor A Child by World Vision, please visit their site at

Thanks for viewing! 

DISCLAIMER: We're not affiliated with World Vision. We just believe in their cause. Thank you!


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