A Taste of Borough at The Podium

It's been pouring down rain all week. I don't know about you but there's something about the rain that makes me really hungry! It was around 11:30 in the evening two nights ago when I made a subtle hint that I was craving for some good 'ol mac & cheese. My boys have taken all the good genetic traits of being a  enthusiast from me; so, further egging was not needed. Off we went to a restaurant where the best comfort food resides: Borough.

Cookie dipped in milk

Personally, I prefer entering the restaurant through the back door (going to the basement parking lot). I like the hush-hush vibe it gives; like I'm meeting a Mafia boss or something. I watch and read too much of those things.

Borough Manila signage

It was late in the evening...*cue in Wonderful Tonight*...so naturally, we got quite a number of stares from  the customers for bringing our boys with us. I didn't think twice in asking our sons to come along because I'm well aware that the crowd at Borough is not rowdy, plus, the place is (cigarette) smoke-free. My boys were able to breathe non-toxic air while eating good food. I hope it stays that way.

Fresh Lemonade, Cranberry Juice, Iced Tea
Fresh Lemonade PhP 120, Cranberry Juice PhP 60, Borough Iced Tea PhP 60

J7 (son 2) requested that the sauce be placed on the side. Rather than eating both the flats and drumettes doused in sauce, he prefers to dip it. He doesn't want it when they become soggy because of the sauce. To each his own. The upside is that the skin remained super crispy! The meat is juicy and tender. The sauce had a good amount of heat and was very delicious! The blue cheese dip is perfect for the carrot sticks (didn't look fresh) and the celery (very fresh) sticks.

Buffalo wings in a basket with blue cheese dip and vegetable sticks
Buffalo Chicken Wings   PhP 320

WARNING: You'll gain 5 pounds just by looking at the picture below. Five delicious pounds to be exact. A beautifully griddled patty is simply  presented with melted sharp cheddar cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce, and sandwiched in between squidgy homemade brioche buns. The fries (inside a brown paper bag - like!) are soft on the inside while the exterior is delicately crispy. It's worth all the clogged arteries.

Burger patty with melted cheese and french fries
All Beef Cheeseburger  PhP 360

Mac and Cheese is love! Borough's version has three kinds of cheeses (Gruyere, Cheddar, Mozzarella),   topped with Panko crumbs and bacon - which I requested to be placed on the side. The smooth and creamy texture is heavenly. I just find it a bit too salty sometimes. 

Baked macaroni with Gruyere, Cheddar, Mozzarella cheeses
Baked Mac and Cheese   PhP 320

Baked macaroni with melted cheese

This BBQ Pulled Pork became an instant hit with all four of us! Strips of delicious, juicy meat bathed in smoky sauce and topped with green mango coleslaw. Perfectly paired with a homemade hoagie! Amazing! It comes with crispy potato chips.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with potato chips
BBQ Pulled Pork  PhP 240

Save the best for last. These freshly baked cookies are my Borough favorite! They're warm, soft in the middle, slightly crunchy on the edges, and extra chewy! You have the option to order assorted cookies or just one flavor. You have to cough up a little extra (PhP 40) for the single flavor though.  Get all the other flavors except for the peanut butter cookies. Don't get that. That's mine, all mine!

Freshly baked assorted cookies on a plate
Mom's Milk and Cookies   PhP 220

How cute is this milk bottle? It reminds me of the vintage milk bottles delivered by Milkmen in the 1950's. The beauty of the bottle is a precursor for the great liquid that it holds. The taste of the milk resembles that of a melted vanilla  ice cream. I though that it's a vanilla bean infused milk but I read that it's actually a combination of fresh milk and vanilla ice cream. Sweet cookies + sweet milk is a deadly combo. Deadly good!

bottled vanilla milk inside an ice bucket

Perfect dunk! Special thanks to my hand model slash Santa Baby, J2.

Cookie dipped in a shot glass with milk

In every restaurant, there's usually a couple of dishes that will be an enemy to your palate. For others, it's the other way around; a few good stuff and the rest are...uhm, how shall put it?...nauseating. We've been to Borough countless of times and was never once disappointed. Most of their dishes are really good while  the others are good. Percentage? Alright, I'd say about 93.42% (really good). 

G/F The Podium Mall
12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Open 24/7
(632) 570.89.06

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