Gogigui at Sam Won Korean Restaurant

The greater mass of Korean migrants are currently concentrated in one area - BF Homes. This is not part of a national survey so don't be surprised if you don't see it elsewhere. It's loosely based on my observation. I don't know about you but I welcome them with open arms because they brought in - along with their flawless skin, svelte figures, and trendy hairstyles - good food! 

Sam Won Korean Restaurant signage at night

One of our favorite places to get real (in all essence of the word) Korean is at Sam Won. Their barbecued meats are heavenly! Gogigui (alternately spelled as Gogi Gui) refers to the Korean method of grilling meat and is by far their best creation to date. Forget all their nuclear achievements because their barbecued meats are the bomb!

If you're going on a date for the first time and you want to impress your high maintenance girl (read: useless), this is not the place for you. Modest is too strong a word to describe the surrounding. However, if your girl is into good Korean food and you (in that order), then you won't go wrong with Sam Won.

Sam Won Korean Restaurant interior

Doesn't the exhaust system look like some alien device that tortures humans?

Exhaust pipe

The exhaust pipe serves a double purpose - it sucks in the fumes and increases the heat of the coals below. Sam Won uses old-fashioned heated charcoal which they place below the stainless top. It scores low in terms of safety because there is always a great possibility of your knees getting burned during the course of a good meal. Now you know so, be careful!

Grill and exhaust pipe

Refreshing complimentary Oksusu Cha

A pitcher of cold Oksusu Cha

They serve a total of seven banchan or 7 cheop - Shigumchi (blanched spinach), Saengseon Jeon (pan-fried coated with egg), Moo San Chae (seasoned radish), Pajeon (pancakes with scallions), Kimchi (fermented vegetables), Gamja Jorim (sweet baby potatoes), and Kochu Meolchi Dokkeum (roasted anchovies with chili). There are two Saengseon Jeon in the photo that's why there are a total of 8 banchan. 

Seven banchan on a table

They gave us two of each kind of banchan. The succession of banchan and dishes crowded our table and we loved it!

Table full of banchan

Sam Won's Galbi Jjim is very much worthy of a praise and three claps! The slow simmered beef turned out marshmallow tender. The sweet-salty sauce is delicious beyond compare. Don't try to smolder your steamed rice with the sauce because you won't be able to stop eating.

Galbi Jjim

I find their Japchae too spicy for my taste. My husband liked it a lot though. The sweet potato noodles are a bit overcooked too.


Fresh Samgyeopsal (pork belly slices) being grilled

Samgyeopsal before being grilled

Samgyeopsal being grilled

Galbi (ganjang marinated beef) is one of my favorite gogigui. Since the beef has been marinated overnight, the burst of flavor is exquisite! It has a perfect mixture of sweet and salty. 

Galbi on the grill

Our boys prefer the Chadol Baki (thinly sliced unmarinated beef) over the Galbi. They like dipping the beef in the bulgogi sauce.

Chadol Baki being grilled

Salt and pepper with olive oil for the pork and the bulgogi sauce for the, uhm, bulgogi.

Salt and pepper with olive oil for the pork and the bulgogi sauce

Lettuce and sesame leaves (kaenip) for the Ssambap or Korean lettuce wraps. They ran out of red leaf lettuce which is the most famous lettuce used for ssambap.

Lettuce and kaenip

Slivers of fresh garlic and Gochujang

Slivers of fresh garlic and Gochujang

I prefer the Ssambap with rice and a piece or two of garlic slices.

Ssambap with rice and a piece or two of garlic slices

Hubs like his sans rice and more gogigui.

Ssambap without rice

*Sorry for the low quality images. I forgot to bring my camera.

Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Cleanliness: 3/5

Sam Won Korean BBQ Restaurant
Aguirre Ave
B.F. Homes, ParaƱaque
(02) 825-1144
Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-9:30pm

Thanks for viewing! 


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