Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton

The most bemedalled Olympian, Michael Phelps is making a big splash in the fashion world by being Louis Vuitton's newest model. 

The golden boy of Olympics sits in the tub, looking all pensive, with goggles wrapped around his head, Speedos (maybe he does take a bath that way), and of course, an LV Monogram Cruiser. 

Some say that he looks gloomy in this shot by famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz. I think that his facial expression clearly conveys what's in his mind - "who's your daddy?".

Michael Phelps inside a white tub for Louis Vuitton ad

Another Louis Vuitton ad shows Michael Phelps, smiling like a cheshire cat at Larisa Latynina of Russia. The 77-year old Latynina was a former gymnast and was the most decorated athlete until Phelps dominated the Olympic world and took that glory away. Latynina had the Olympic record of 18 medals. Phelps broke that record by adding four more (18 golds *jeezuz*, 22 overall).

Now in this photo, I think Phelps is thinking "Ha! Has been".

Michael Phelps talking to Larisa Latynina for Louis Vuitton ad

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