Superga's Simple Style is the Hallmark of Chic

Superga Box

My mom bought me my first pair of Superga 2750 in navy when I was in high school. The brand was practically unknown in this part of the world during that time. My friends thought that it was a serious echoic version of Chuck Taylors. 

Eventhough I was partial to other brands back then, I immediately took a liking to the simple style of the this brand of plimsolls. The modest tag that bears the brand's name is a breath of fresh air from all the humongous logos that are obviously screaming for attention.

Originally known as tennis shoes in the early 20th century in Torino, Italy, Superga has since revolutionized their status and  jolted up the  world with their canvas sneaks. It has redefined the basic shoes with vulcanized gum sole for more durability. The brand has gained serious momentum in the Metro eversince Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) brought them over a couple of years back.

Alexa Chung wearing Superga Cotu Classic White
Alexa Chung - Superga's campaign model/creative director, my style icon, and girl crush!
Photo taken by Guy Aroch

I got a tweaked version of the classic all-white pair yesterday. J2 (hubs), who belongs to the unmaterialistic counterculture club, looked at me with bewilderment with my chosen pair. "Why do you want something that's already dirty?", he said. It's hard to have a debate with someone who has a pea sized appreciation for fashion, so I just told him that "because, it has more character." He got more confused.

Superga Cotu Stonewash White
Superga Cotu Stonewash White 

It's not only me who's into these super sneaks in my brood. My kids likes them too! What's not to like anyway? They are comfortable, well-made, has soft bed, lightweight, and on top of all that, a very stylishly classic design! 

You can practically pair it with anything; from denims to dresses. As the brand states, "this is the shoe you can genuinely dress up or dress down." 

Superga Cotu Stonewash White

Enjoying my new pair of Superga's until my next pair (Cotu Classic in Ecru) arrives. The store ran out of it but the store clerk assured me that new stocks will arrive soon. Hi, I'm Len and I'm a Superga addict!

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