Buffet 101 International Cuisine at Robinson's Magnolia

Buffet 101 signage

When we found out that Buffet 101 opened up a branch at the Robinson's Magnolia, we hurriedly went to get a taste of the dishes that has been buzzed about for quite sometime now. The sight of food in abundance is our thing except for my husband. He's not really into buffets because according to him "after awhile, all the dishes tastes the same." I must admit, the man does have a point.

We haven't been to the one near the SM Mall of Asia so we didn't know what to expect. The place is spacious and elaborately decorated. They have a lot of food varieties. When I say a lot, I mean the they-can-feed-a-whole-village-for-a-week type of a lot.

Buffet 101 does live up to their promise of being a buffet restaurant that offers international cuisine. They have Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, American, and, of course, Filipino dishes. Diversified is the word!

The pictures here are just half of what they have at Buffet 101!

Buffet 101 Robinson's Magnolia Buffet Table

Sushi and Sahimi Bar

Sushi and Makimono

Wooden boat with different kinds of sushi

The Jurassic Maki is the one we like best among the rolls.

Jurassic maki

It's hard to discount how delicious and fresh their salmon sashimi was. We were, however, disappointed with the tuna sashimi. It was too fibrous and had an aftertaste that was not desirable.

Tamago, kani, tuna, salmon sashimi

I've lost count of how many shrimp siomai I ate! That and the chicken feet were delicious!

Chinese dumplings and sauces

Baby back ribs at the Carving Station

Baby back ribs

Peking duck wraps

Peking duck wrap

Beef with Broccoli

Viands inside chafing dishes

Hainanese chicken

Salt and pepper fried crabs!!! This is a big fave of both my sister and I. The batter was light and had the right amount of seasoning. The crabs were very fleshy. We forgot to take a snapshot of the steamed {live} shrimps that were so delicious when dipped in their special soy sauce concoction.

Salt and pepper fried crabs

 Steamed Vegetables

Viands inside chafing dishes

Deep Fried Breaded Seafood

Fried calamari

Cold Shrimps, Smoked Salmon, and Cold Cuts

Cold shrimps, smoked salmon, cold cuts

Thailand Fish Fillet

Cold Salad Bar

different kinds of cold salads

Salad in a shot glass

Hawaiian Pizza

Cheese and Mushroom Pizza

The waffle, pancake, and crepe station was a big hit with our boys.

Waffle station

Halo-Halo Station

Sweetened bananas, tapioca, kaong for halo-halo

Gelatins, Puff Pastries, Macarons

Macarons and Jello

Crema de Fruta

Crema de Fruita

The raisin cookies were tasty but were too dry and tough.

Raisin cookies

Panna Cotta

Panna cotta in small glasses

Ube and Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate fountain

Sweet treats for kids and kids at heart!

diffirent kinds of candies

Fresh Fruits

different kinds of sliced fruits

Fresh fruit juices

Fresh fruit juice in glasses

Sodas and Juices in dispensers

Single-serve coffee and espresso machines for the caffeine fanatics. They also have San Miguel Draft. Yes, Mr. Alcoholic, it's unlimited too!

coffee and espresso single serve machines

If you are going on a weekend, make sure to go there early in order to get a table. If you get there an hour after it opens, scoring a table will be a bit difficult. Majority of those who eat do not leave until closing time.

With that kind of array of food, misses would be unavoidable. The good news is that, there are more hits! I'm not sure if it was on purpose that the viands were not rich in taste and not highly seasoned. The good thing about that is, you won't easily lose interest of the food because of the overlapping powerful savoriness.

If your goal is to get a hefty filling of food, then Buffet 101 is for you. With all that kind of dishes to choose from, you will get your money's worth.

If you're the kind of person who goes to a buffet to enjoy good food (example: your litmus test locally is Spirals), then, you'll go home feeling a little bit discontented.

Quality: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5 

Buffet101 International Cuisine
Facebook: Buffet101

Buffet Rate:
Mon-Fri Lunch P699
Mon-Fri Dinner P950
Sat Lunch P799
Sun Lunch,Sat-Sun Dinner P1050
Kids below 4.5ft are P499.
Kids below 3.5ft are free of charge.
VAT Inclusive. 
No service charge.

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CREDIT: Buffet rate and operating hours were taken from Buffet 101's Facebook page


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