Casio Vintage Gold Watch is Back in Style

I don't know who revived it, but I'm thankful. The watch worn by dads is back in style and with a vengeance! Presenting, the Casio vintage gold watch!

Casio Vintage Gold Watch

I didn't think twice about buying one. Two words - chic and cheap. Horologists would raise an eyebrow at me for the next few statements that I will make, but, they're true so crucify me if you must. 

Casio A178 WGA Gold Watch
Casio A178 WGA Gold

Casio has been around since the age of dinosaurs. My uncle had one (silver version) and wore it for I don't know how many years until he misplaced it and lost it forever. For a watch so cheap, it surprised me that it never gave him any problems and that it's water resistant to atleast 100 feet! Cue gasps.

I have wrist watches from really good brands that gave me a headache or two. Although rare, there are times when excellent quality does not come with the price tag. Makes you wanna slap yourself hard and cry foul, but hey, that's life. Check my instagram for the brand I'm talking about.

Casio Vintage Gold Watch

I think, Casio has proven its wrist watch efficiency over the years. I'm not sure how long before the gold plated casing and straps deteriorate. Will update you once it does.

Right now, I'm just really happy with this excellent purchase. A real steal!

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