Chic Loafers for Fall

Chic loafers are on the rise in the  thermometer and rightfully so! These footwear are not only stylish, but ultra comfortable as well!

These slippers were originally made for men during the early 19th century but has since evolved and made its way to the soles of the ladies. The women's version is identical in shape as the men's but are more varied in terms of color and texture. Some have embellishments that puts a lot of edge to the classic loafers. If you're into personalized products, you can have a pair with your logo or monogrammed initials on as well.

I like that you can wear them with practically anything. You can pair them with your favorite denim shorts, dress, colored skinnies, and cropped trousers to name a few. I can't get enough of these chic slippers! Here are a couple of pairs I'm lusting for right now!

1. Rupert Sanderson Green Python Missouri Loafers - 100 % python skin loafers in green, mustard, yellow and washed black speckling throughout. 

2. Christian Louboutin Rollerball Spikes Loafers - I couldn't get this pair out of my head eversince I saw Rihanna wearing a pair. The spikes gives the conservative design a rocker vibe.

3. Miu Miu Tasseled Glitter Loafers - The basic tasseled loafers gets a shiny reboot with the addition of glitters. The gold version of this style is the best for me. 

4. Marc Jacobs Purple Velvet Loafers - Velvet loafers in purple with black grosgrain trim. The gold logo detail looks beautiful against the purple base.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Leopard Print with Gold Cap-Toe Loafers - I associated leopard prints with being cougar-ish but realized that if it's used well (and minimally), this trend is exotically elegant. The metallic gold cap-toe is a gorgeous addition with that kind of print. Rawrrr!

6. Alexander McQueen Magenta Sequin Skull Loafers - The rich magenta color of these loafers are to die for! The skull embellishments makes this girly pair a bold edge.

So, what's your favorite pair for fall?

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