Michelle Obama's Killer Style at the Democratic National Convention 2012

Just watched the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, deliver another great speech at the Democratic National Convention that seemed to hit deep in the core of her audience. Mrs. Obama was full of warmth, honesty, and charm all throughout her speech. 

What's truly worth mentioning other than that amazing speech is her killer style! 

She looked every inch a winner in a dark pink dress by American fashion designer, Tracy Reese. She paired the stunning creation with a pair of J. Crew pumps of similar shade. 

It looked great against the blue background as well. I think, the shade of the dress (or any other type of clothing) matters during a speech. I remember Hillary Clinton's assistant testing a few suits against the background during the 2008 DNC before settling for a bright orange pantsuit.

Her best accessories for the evening are none other than her famous ripped arms that made Madonna's bow down and surrender. Those arms are made for showing off, really. Arm envy alert!

Doesn't she look younger to you compared to when they first set foot in the White House? She looks fantastic! President Obama, on the other hand, has been looking real gaunt as of late. All those problems has probably taken a toll on his looks. Tsk!

Keep it up Mrs. O a.k.a Mom-in-Chief!

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