Mixing and Matching Different Types of Chairs in the Dining Room

Do you remember the hit television series Friends? Of course, you do! How can anyone forget something that made him/her gasp for air from too much laughing?

Aside from Jennifer Aniston's famous hairstyle (copied by probably billions of women including yours truly), the other iconic Friends piece for me was Monica's mixed and matched chairs around her dining table. Oh, how I love that brilliant design idea!

I've been seriously thinking of renovating our dining room for a few weeks now. I want a dining room that exudes a perfect mix of both relaxed and elegant flare. Something that's casually assembled; not intimidating. I want my guests to feel at home and be at ease when munching on a big, fat, juicy, artery-clogging steak. I think buying different types of chairs for a solid narra table will do just that.

The different chairs look odd apart but look great when put together. Sort of like eclectic chic. Uniformed look is so outdated. It's very...what's the word...boring. 

Mixing and matching chairs will surely give my future dining room an edge and character rather than just simply a traditional feel. A bold furniture statement that will surely be a conversation piece (or pieces) and not just a necessity for dining.

I'm excited with this new project! I can't wait! Done with all the ideas down to the core! Next step is getting the funds! Ha!

Thanks for viewing! ☺

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