Philosophy's Amazing Grace Fragrance

If I get a dollar for every time I get asked what scent I'm wearing, I'd be on the list of Forbes Richest People by now! That's an exaggeration. I need Divine intervention for that one. 

But seriously, I do get asked a lot about the fragrance I'm wearing. "Never tell others your scent! Are you crazy? That's your signature scent!", was what my egotistical best friend told me. I never understood the logic in that remark since the brand does not make the fragrance just for me. I love my BF so I gave her a pass with that extremely shallow comment.

Of course, I tell everyone who asks what scent I'm wearing. It's Amazing Grace by philosophy .

Philosophy's Amazing Grace Fragrance

I've always been a fan of philosophy's products and constantly check for their new stuff. Years ago (I can't remember the exact mm/dd/yy), while buying Hope in a Bottle, a saleslady asked if she could spritz some of Amazing Grace on me. Given my history of rhinitis attacks with scents (especially the highly offensive ones), I declined. I usually just stick to the scents that has befriended my nose well and forego trying something new.

After a couple of months, I bumped into this lovely lady at the mall who smelled so good. A clean and light scent (read: not grandma's) that's definitely not offensive. It didn't trigger any allergy attack. I asked her what it was and she gave me an honest answer with a smile. See, that's why I tell people what scent I'm wearing when they ask because that's how I found (officially) out about it. That's good karma, you know!

Amazing Grace has become my signature scent. I buy the spray fragrance rather than the body spritz because the scent lasts longer. That's just my observation.

I used to go to the store to buy a bottle but I come out of the store with more. *gulp* It's different when you can try the products rather than just look at it. More chances of ka-chinging that hard earned money. So now, I buy online. I save more money that way.

At my favorite store. Trying on stuff from my favorite
philosophy line last December.

Amazing Grace is one of those scents that was made to impress. I also like that it's reasonably priced compared to the other fragrances of the same quality. I will continue to love it 'till I'm well into my golden years! No granny perfumes for this lady!

Have you tried Amazing Grace yet? Thoughts?

Thanks for viewing! ☺


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