Serenitea: The Standard of Milk Tea

100? No, thanks! 

75? Wuss. 

50? So-so. 

25? Now, we're talking. 

I'm not talking about the percentage about the tax percentage imposed on me, myself, and I. The numbers above are Serenitea's sugar level. Yep, I take mine with 25% sugar 'cause I'm that much of a hardcore. Anybody got a problem with that? *kisses biceps*

Our first encounter with the aforementioned milk tea shop was actually out of curiosity two years ago. We were having dinner at a Mexican restaurant across the street and noticed a bunch of people going in and out of Serenitea. Aside from being a coffee addict, I'm also a tea lover hence my inclination to try their drinks were at that time inevitable. It was love at first sip! I got hooked!

I was so happy when they opened up a branch at North Greenhills more than a year later! It was a couple steps from our home! It was a sign. Serenitea and I are made for each other. I went to the store 4 times a week! I've lost count of all the Serenitea loyalty cards I've completed. 

Unfortunately, my triumphant moment did not last long since the Greenhills store closed down a few months after for reasons unknown. 

So now, we're back to buying Okinawa at their J. Abad Santos branch.  I was surprised to see that their store got a major face lift! It doubled in size too!

The stores design and color mix is very calming. Perfect for a tea place. How pretty are these wheat grass table decor?

Framed motivational quotes hang on the wall

Okinawa is their ultimate drink for me. That milk tea can win them an award of some sort from whatever milk tea award giving body. Even if all the other milk tea shops combine their best sellers in one tub, it still wouldn't amount to Okinawa's goodness. That last line is pumped with conviction and confidence, by the way.

I like that their milk to tea ratio is just about right. There are a lot of shops with similar products that drown the taste of the tea by adding too much milk. Their tea blends are well-infused and rich in taste due to their unique steeping method via their teapresso machine.

Below are their top 10 best concoction. I don't know why Hokkaido tops the list when Okinawa tastes so much better. Just saying.

Due to the demands of consumers for healthy beverages, more and more tea shops will surely be built in the coming months or years. Someone will probably come up with a better milk teas than Serenitea's. But for now, theirs are the best; the standard of milk tea. For me atleast.
G&L Bldg, J. Abad Santos
cor.V. Cruz, Little Baguio,
San Juan.
Sun-Thu: 11am-11pm
Fri & Sat:11am-12am
Tel. Nos. 379.4166 / 470.1368
Facebook: Serenitea
Twitter: iloveserenitea

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