Shell's Race to One Million Challenge Contest

*******CONTEST CLOSED*******

Those who bang their head on the steering wheel while getting their car filled up at the gas station, please raise your hands. *raises both hand and feet* I feel ya.

It would be great if the all the downpour we've been experiencing in our country could somehow be turned magically into fuel, right? Unfortunately, that only happens in the land of unicorns, rainbows, and fairies. 

Here's the good news: Shell Philippines launched a campaign called Target One MillionIt aims to help one million motorists across the globe learn how to save fuel. Less fuel consumption means happy motorist plus healthier environment.

Wait! There's more!

Along with that is Shell Philippines' Race to One Million Challenge - a sign-up contest that will give you a chance to win FREE gas or diesel vouchers worth *cue the fireworks please* PhP 10,000!!! 

Let's proceed now to our main event - 

The Race to One Million Challenge!


1. Kick the person next to you and shout "This is Sparta!"

Kidding! Just checking how focused you are!

Follow these steps: 

Click this -> Race to One Million Challenge and you will be directed to this page (below).

STEP 1: Register

Go to your e-mail account and confirm the registration before playing

STEP 2: Include The Mommist with your Username

Important!!! --> YourUserName_TheMommist

STEP 3: Refresh page

 STEP 4: Play the game

STEP 5: Post your score

---> Once you're done, post the following details on the comment box of this blog post below:

1. E-mail address OR your Shell Username_TheMommist.

2. Screen shot or attach a link to your Shell FuelSave Challenge score. 



***If you're uploading a shot of your score on the Disqus comment box, look for the Upload Image icon on the left side of the comment box. Limit the image size to 100kb.


---> Share this post via Twitter (tag me and as many Twitter Followers as you can) or Facebook.

Example: Get a chance to win P10,000 worth of FREE #Shell gas/diesel vouchers! Join now @anastasiasteele @mrsrobinson ! via @themommist

Who can join? 
All Philippine residents are welcome to join!

Until when will the contest be?
The contest will end on November 19, 2012. 

What's the price?
One lucky (really lucky) contestant will get a chance to win...

Php 10,000  worth of free Shell FuelSave gasoline 
or Diesel vouchers!!

The blogger who will get the first 100 signups or the most generated signups by the end of the contest period will get the price. I'll give it all to one lucky contestant! So, help me, help you win the prize

Any tips?
Don't be all Michael Schumacher-y with the game. The objective is to get to the finish line on time with as little fuel consumption as possible. Your score will not matter in this blog contest. 

Below is my score. I had a headache when I played the game so pardon the low score.

Do your best and spread the word! More entries will increase your odds of winning!

Good luck and many thanks for joining!

Thanks for viewing! ☺
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