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Whenever someone tells me that I'm well-off because I buy expensive bags, I scratch my head and puke. It's actually the opposite. I buy expensive bags because I'm not rich. 

I can't afford to buy bags all the time that's why I buy the ones that I know will hopefully outlast me. I save a lot that way. Products that come with a hefty price tag equals excellent quality. That has always been my thinking when it comes to purchasing until I came across The Cambridge Satchel Company.

I first learned about the satchels from the said company when I saw a picture of a vintage 14" two years ago. I fell absolutely in love with it immediately! 

I got my first satchel (red 14") about two months after I ordered it. It usually takes a month for the bag to be delivered but since I had mine personalized, it took a bit longer.

I've been using mine almost everyday and it still looks good! I'm amazed by the excellent craftsmanship of their products. One of the most intelligent buys of my life. I'm not the type who treats a bag like a living thing, by the way. I don't "baby" it. I try to get the best bang for every buck I spend.

The Cambridge Satchel Company collaborated with Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo to create the fabulous metallic gold bag (above). That and these lovely trunks are on my lust list. Yes, please!

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