Amanda Todd: A Case of Betrayal and Bullying

Amanda Todd Bullied
After reading about the story of Amanda Todd, the beautiful teenager who took her own life apparently due to extreme bullying, a scene from the movie The General's Daughter suddenly flashed in my mind.

"Someone once asked me if I knew what was worse than rape? Now I know the answer, it's betrayal", Brenner (John Travolta) told Lt. Gen. Campbell (James Cromwell). 

Bullying alone is already a terrible thing that no one should experience. The addition of betrayal can push someone in a downward spiral.

As told by Amanda Todd herself on the video she made weeks before she passed away, the tormenting has been going on for quite sometime (since 7th grade). It was a constant cycle of trust, bullying, and betrayal.

I don't know her personally, but I perceive her as someone who was easily persuaded, very trusting, too kind, and a pleaser. She was an easy target for people who want nothing more than to gratify their shallow  (carnal) obsessions just like the "guy" she was talking about.

At that age, it's easier to equate love with sex. As you get older, you'd know that it's not true. She was probably looking for love and a way to feel important. Unfortunately, she got it from the wrong individual. 

In the video, she stressed the fact that she had nobody and that she needed someone. I wonder why she felt so alone. I don't know what kind of depressive mood she must have felt for her to have that kind of belief. Was she betrayed by all?
For Those Who Are Being Bullied

There will always be cruel, dimwit, and overly insecure people in this world who will stop at nothing to unleash their inner demon. You have to speak up and fight back; but do so intelligently. 
Make yourselves better, stronger, and brighter. The best revenge you could ever have is by being the best. When I say the best, I mean the best - intelligent, tough, successful, and moneyed. Achieve to be the standard and not the option.
Some tried to bully me back in grade school but I never gave them the chance. My belief back then was simple - if you don't pay for my school fees, food, clothes, books, etc., you're nothing to me. I refused to take a beating from anybody. It was my choice.
Amanda Todd holder a paper I'm aware that it's a bit more difficult now because of the new mediums for bullying such as the social media, but the concept is still the same. Regardless of the form, bullying is bullying. It never changes. 
You got to fight it with the most basic principle too which is to never ever allow it to happen to you. Choose that.
Those who think they're cool today and make others feel inferior will be the losers of tomorrow. I've seen it happen a lot of times. Don't lose hope and take comfort in the knowledge that there will always be someone who is willing to help. Always.
Get help. You have to come out as the winner and not the bully. Again, be the best.
To the Bullies

At your age, I understand the need to belong, the need to act cool and feel important. You can do all that by not using others because if you are truly a superstar, you can stay in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest and still be a superstar.
Having real power is not forcing people to like or fear you. That's called pathetic power. Learn the difference.
You will know what the real meaning of bullying is when you grow up (hopefully), get a job (hopefully), get married (hopefully), and have kids (hopefully). Somehow, the universe and a Higher Being conspires to humble someone enough to the point of remorse. When that happens (and it will), accept it with open arms because you can not do something terrible without the consequences. It's just delayed sometimes.
But, of course, you won't care about that now because after all, you're cool, right? Keep telling yourself that and maybe someday, you'll believe it.   

To All Parents

Let's keep doing our best to fight this and end bullying. Let's continue to teach our kids not to let anyone make them feel ashamed, inferior, scared, alone, and betrayed.
If you are a parent of a bully, I want you to know that you are doing something wrong.

This is for Amanda Todd, Jaime Garcia, and all those who have been bullied including my son.

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