Bingo Makes Elders' Brains Sharp

Without much choice, my sister and I used to bring our Aunt to a nearby bingo center twice a week. We usually leave her there with her friends. There were days when we had to stay though. We abhorred those days completely.

I used to view Bingo as something that is limited to people who are waiting for the Grim Reaper to arrive. The oldies doesn't seem to mind the bromidic announcement of the numbers using some bingo lingo known only by hardcore participants. The only time I found the game amusing was when somebody won and that somebody's me.

A few days ago, my outlook on the game has changed drastically due to an article that  depicts the amazing benefits of Bingo. One of the best benefit out all those stated is the fact that bingo helps make the elders' brains sharp! 

Age-related memory loss is due to lack of mental stimulation. Bingo is one of the best neurobics that will hamper and even prevent memory loss. I can actually attest to this fact. My Aunt's memory is way better than her younger sisters and I think she owes part of it to playing the game for so many years.

My just-turned-eighty-year-old Aunt is experiencing the physical signs of ageing; her knees being the most affected. Because of this, she stopped going to her favorite bingo venue. Her love for the game doesn't end there, of course. She now plays bingo online.

Who would've thought that something that was solely meant for entertainment can be beneficial to one's mental health. I think, I'm gonna enjoy playing bingo someday too. After all, in my case, it's genetic.

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