Katy Perry Shows Her Support for Obama by Wearing a Ballot Ticket

Katy Perry wearing a ballot ticket dress in Las Vegas

Katy Perry let everyone know who she's voting for this coming November through a skintight dress that showed her stunning curves! 

The white latex dress that doubles as a second skin was designed to resemble a ballot ticket. The dress shows the names of the Presidential candidates with corresponding boxes beside them. President Obama's box is completely shaded along with his Vice President, Joe Biden. 

Katy Perry wore the election statement dress during her free concert at a campaign rally for the POTUS in Las Vegas last night. She belted out a couple of her hits such as "Teenage Dream", "Wide Awake", "Part of Me", and "Firework". She also sang "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. 

Perry, being her usual naughty self, delivered a double-entendre to her fans by asking this question - "How many of you are 18 here? It's going to be your first time, right?"

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