5 Functional Fashion Essentials For Moms With Little Kids

Moms with little kids' fashion aim can be summed up in three C's - comfortable, commonsensical, and chic. Preferably, in that order.

Comfort and functional finds doesn't necessarily equal blah. There are numerous products in the market that looks really good but will not make you wince in pain or scream expletives while wearing them and carrying your 9-month-old baby at the same time.

When my boys were still very young, I refused to wear things that would be a hindrance to my mommy skills. I constantly looked for clothes, shoes, and bags that would be a harmonious fit to my life as a mom. I made a list of the fashion essentials that I wore when my kids were still very small. They made my life easier and simpler. They made me focus on the real important stuff - attending to my kids' every whim....swiftly.

When you constantly run after a toddler, you will most definitely jot down flats as your best friend in someone's slam book. They're as comfortable as sneaks, but are easier to wear and looks cuter. 

Crossbody Bags

Tory Burch Priscilla Top Handle Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags leave your hands free to do highly important mommy duties such as wipe snots, clean poops, or catch a projectile vomit. I opted for the ones in dark colors because juice, milk, or whatever kind of stain's not as obvious. Multiple inner and outer pockets - for hand sanitizers, little toys, lollipops, etc. - is a must. The most important factor to consider is sturdiness. There are a lot more things to focus on than worrying if a strap will snap while your kid pulls on it to get your attention for something.

Long-sleeved Shirts

Joe Fresh Denim Shirt

These classic shirts both exude form and function. They're lose enough for easy movement and pockets that serve as easy (emergency) storage for pacifiers or something.



Vince Ponte Leggings

Leggings are extremely comfortable and activity-friendly. They're also very practical. You don't have to change for a Pilates class after playing with your kid at the park.

T-Shirt Dress

Striped cotton T-shirt dress by Chinti and Parker

Chinti and Parker Striped Cotton T-Shirt Dress

Same benefits as long-sleeved shirts, but t-shirt dresses are easier to put on. Especially helpful when your two-year-old is throwing the tantrum of a lifetime.

Do tell! What's your favorite mommy fashion essential?

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