Anniversary Dessert Buffet at Kitchen's Best Home Pâtisserie The Fort

I've long been addicted to Kitchen's Best Home Pâtisserie ambrosial cakes and food, so saying yes to their invite for a dessert buffet last Friday  - in celebration of their The Fort branch's first year anniversary - was a no-brainer.  I replied about two hours after I received the invite so as not to appear too eager. Self-composure despite enthusiasm matters. *wink* I scarcely ever go to events due to anonymity issues, but KB's was just too good to miss. That's my amiable way of saying "I'm so much of a glutton, entice me with great food and I'm there!"

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie The Fort

When hubs and I got to the crimson-colored, Victorian-designed pâtisserie at five minutes past three in the afternoon, the place was already starting to be filled with dessert enthusiasts. The heavily beguiling cakes and pastries were already arranged on top of a damask printed velvet table cloth. I like the centerpiece {turtle doves perched on gold branches} a lot! Someone - eager and completely focused on the desserts - got poked on the forehead with one of the branches. It was so funny!

Dessert Buffet table at Kitchen's Best The Fort

Jampacked! Kitchen's Best's branch at The Fort is far bigger than the one at Karrivin Plaza. It seats 120 while the latter seats 30.

Kitchen's Best The Fort First year anniversary

The dessert buffet was composed of approximately 35 kinds of delectable sweets! Let's start with my favorite kind of dessert - cakes!


Glutton's Cake

Mango Sansrival

Plaisir Sucre

Pound Cake
Pound Cake

Frozen Brazo Sansrival
Frozen Brazo Sansrival

Strawberry Torte
Strawberry Torte

Mango Royale

Purple Yam Cake

Coffee Toffee Sansrival

Chocolate obsession

Opera cake

Carrot cheesecake

Snickers cheesecake
Snickers Cheesecake

white chocolate macadamia cheesecake

Tartlettes, Crumble, and Croquant

Strawberry kiwi and apple crumble

Croquant and tartlettes


Lemon macarons

Macarons in different flavors

Food for the Gods

Food for the gods


Triple Chocolate Mousse


Panacotta in jigger glasses

Green Tea Panacotta



Swan Cream Puff
Cream Puff


lace crisp cookies in a glass jar

walnut cookies in a glass jar


nougat candies


brownies with marshmallows

pecan bars

Peanut butter bars
Peanut Butter

caramel walnut bars

All that unlimited goodness for a mere price of PhP 250! Mine was complimentary {life's good}, hubs wasn't {loser}.

Sugary treats naturally have low satiating power, so one can easily go for a round two or three on the buffet table...or so I thought. Even with an abundant hedonistic prowess, there was too much sweets that a blunt glance at the table would make you feel full. But still, with that kind of dessert {quality and all} PhP 250 was a real steal.

A plate of dessert samplers

I didn't get the ones that I'm familiar with already. Hubs got everything! What a sugar beast!

The dessert buffet came with your choice of tea {Peppermint, Green, and Tarragon}. I drank three cups of peppermint tea for some heavy palate cleansing. 

a cup of peppermint tea

Our top picks: Chocolate Obsession, White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake, Mango Sansrival, Macarons, Plaisir Sucre, Strawberry Torte, Mango Royale, Snickers Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter.

The problem with most buffets is that after awhile, the food tastes the same, but, Chef Roselyn Tiangco made this one an exception. Genius! My compliments to the chef for making each and every single dessert standout. Every single sweet was easily distinguishable, not to mention amazing!

Yes, I'm an addict, and Kitchen's Best is my meth.

Onward and Upward!
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