Choose Your Attitude

I learned about a video - and eventually, the philosophy that was created because of it - a year ago while I was still working full-time. It changed the way I see things. It taught me a very important lesson - Choose your attitude.

Being in a healthcare field is a noble job and morally fulfilling, but it also comes with something I wish it didn't - enormous amount of stress. The nature of  my work and profession is never without a lot of stress. Not only did I get extremely sad because of the patients' situation, I also got to see a preview of things to come every single day; a hard reality of one's mortality. 

Since death, illness, and all the in between is beyond anybody's control, I decided to manipulate something that I clearly could. I decided to change my attitude towards everything I came in contact with and I have the Pike Place Fish Market video to thank for that.

The fishmongers at the Pike Place Fish Market have become a worldwide sensation because of the fun way they do their work and their positive attitudes. They were even named the most fun place to work at by CNN in 2001. 

One of those who witnessed the amazing show at the aforementioned fish market was John Christensen. He was so inspired by what he saw that he eventually developed a set of concepts around it called FISH! Philosophy.

The most important concept that really struck me hard more than the others is Choose Your Attitude. Three simple words that when followed religiously can lead to mighty things. 

It just simply means that you have the option to choose how you react to situations, how you see things. The choice to either be happy or sad is always up to you.

I used to watch this video a lot, especially during days when I was so close to literally bursting up in flames due to stress. This calmed me and made me really grateful about things. 

You may not be able to control certain situations and certain people, but that doesn't mean you should lose control of yourself. Focus on the person you can change for the better; the person who you can benefit the most from - you!

At the end of the day, it is still better to be stressed about someone {or something}, than someone to be stressed because of you.

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