España Bunching Chest by Dorothy Draper

There are furniture pieces that simply serve their purpose and there are those that go beyond. The Dorothy Draper iconic España Bunching Chest clearly belongs to the latter. It is both a statement and conversation piece that can enliven even the most mundane area of your home.

The España Bunching Chest was created by Dorothy Draper upon the request of the Spanish government. It consists of a repeated pattern (or bunched together) of drawers with a brass ring in the middle of a gold painted wavy frame. The gold against the lacquered black frame makes the chest look so glamorous!

Dorothy Draper established the first interior company in the US in 1923. She was a pioneer and known for her keen eye for detail and good design. Her design principle was simple - "if it looks right, it is right". 

Draper has worked her magic on über clientele such as Palácio Quitandinha in Brazil, The Drake Hotel in Chicago,  and the Carlyle Hotel (famous for its café where Mariah Carey, Eartha Kitt, Woody Allen, and Lea Salonga performed) in New York to name a few.  

I'm so in love with exceptional old furniture pieces such as this one! They bring so much character in one's home. Even if I acquire (by force or otherwise) the money for this, snagging one is a bit of a dilemma. There are a lot of the España Bunching Chests being sold in the market, but most are replica and inspired-by pieces. *sigh* I'll just deal with this problem someday. Imagining this chest in my bedroom is what I should focus on right now. ☺ Mine!

Dorothy Draper
Doesn't she resemble Liz Taylor?

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