Filipino Turned His Home Into A Library to Encourage People to Read

The Reading Club 2000 Hernando Guanlao

Hernando Guanlao's love for books has prompted him to turn his home into a public library known formally as The Reading Club 2000. His aim is simply to encourage people to read, read, and read some more!

His neighbors (or anyone) can go there and borrow a book on an unlimited basis! This is one library where one's borrowing privileges will not be revoked even if the books are not returned. He believes that even if the  people take all his books, it "will be returned a thousand fold". 

Guanlao, a former accountant, left his job to concentrate on his library. His passion for sharing knowledge to the less fortunate through reading has incited him to go from one house to another using a bicycle with a side car filled with books. 

Hernando Guanlao

Being a lover of books myself and a true believer of the good outcome they provide, news such as this one would be a sin not to share. It is such a selfless act by a simple man. So inspiring!

You can donate books (used or new) to The Reading Club 2000 which is located at 1454 Balagtas St., Barangay La Paz, Makati City. You may contact them via e-mail at or call them through this number - (63915) 729-15-26.

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